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Revamping our book club: diesdas.unread

Now in English, hosted on Meetup.com and we’re also announcing the next book we read.

As some of you might now, we’ve been running a book club since August 2017. It was never focused on a particular genre, but rather about gaining a better understanding of the world around us, listening to other experiences and opening yourself up to new thoughts. Sometimes we read fiction, sometimes popular science. We have a core group of participants who always attend and, more times than not, new faces show up as well. It has stayed small, but we’ve enjoyed every single meeting.

At the same time we feel a few changes are overdue.

  1. First of all: The main language will be English from now on. If only Germans show up, we’ll speak German of course, but the default language is now English, so that more people can join.
  2. It’s now on Meetup.com under diesdas.unread: We have always used Facebook events up until now, which was annoying for discovery and also hard to follow. Meetup.com is the proper place.

So if you’re vaguely interested in the book club and feel you might join us some time, then please join the group on Meetup.

Our next read.

The next meetup is going to be on the 23rd of July to unpack what’s going on in the sci-fi classic Shikasta by Doris Lessing. Here’s a quick synopsis:

The story of the final days of our planet is told through the reports of Johor, an emissary sent from Canopus. Earth, now named Shikasta (the Stricken) by the kindly, paternalistic Canopeans who colonised it many centuries ago, is under the influence of the evil empire of Puttiora. War, famine, disease and environmental disasters ravage the planet. To Johor, humankind is a ’totally crazed species’, racing towards annihilation: his orders to save humanity set him what seems to be an impossible task.

Now this seems eerily relevant, doesn’t it?

Please let us know if you’re coming on, you guessed it, Meetup.com. 🙃

We’d be delighted to see some of you joining the group or picking up a copy of Shikasta. See you around, or on the 23rd of July! 🙌

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