Review in photos: TYPO Berlin 2017

Europe’s biggest design conference took place in Berlin last weekend, featuring the topic “wanderlust”. I’ve collected some impressions.

Harry Keller
May 29, 2017 · 3 min read
True that.

TYPO time!

Last weekend was that time of the year again, when the whole design and typography scene gathers in Berlin for the TYPO conference, at the magnificent Haus der Kulturen der Welt for talks, drinks and sharing their knowledge. Lars and I were there as well and I have to conclude that this year’s conference was utterly fantastic, probably the best one out of all seven I visited so far—not only featuring countless inspiring talks, but also a new kind of seriousness, pondering the role we all play as creatives in this strange new world. Anyhow, as promised, some impressions:

The venue in all its retro-futuristic glory.
Foyer on the first day.
The building has been renovated this year, restoring most of its original look from when it was built in 1957.
‘Sup, Hannes?
Shortly before the start of a “brand talk”, a new format in which agencies and clients presented their work together on stage.
This photo captions itself. 🙃
This year I was once again part of the news team, documenting everything that happened at the event.
We hijacked the job board… sorry about that.
Closing comments from Jürgen, photographed by Norman.

This year I was once again part of the TYPO news team, documenting the conference in a group of ~30 people: have a look at the official TYPO blog to immerse yourself in everything that was going on. And since I wanted to take a break from blogging for once, I decided to try something new and teamed up with three colleagues to summarize each day in a 20min podcast. It was rather stressful, but also a ton of fun and you can find all three episodes embedded below (beware though, they are in German):

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Alright, that’s it already!

Thanks for checking in and may I remind you of our office meet-up on the 8th of June? Join us, it’ll be fun! Oh, and also don’t forget to maybe click the little heart below if you enjoyed this post? 😇 ❤️

Anyhow, see you around and have a productive week!
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Thoughts, observations and learnings from Berlin-based digital studio

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Thoughts, observations and learnings from Berlin-based digital studio

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