Robert Haase becomes an equal partner, heading our strategy team

We are excited to announce that Robert Haase has become an equal partner at, building a dedicated team for brand strategy and business design.

Harry Keller
Mar 20, 2019 · 4 min read

In 2015 our company was originally founded among designers and developers, but we quickly realized that complex projects warrant a strategy and research phase to inform the product development and give our work direction. So we started collaborating with Robert Haase at the end of 2016 and immediately noticed the impact his work made on the quality of our projects — we started taking user research, market analysis and brand development more seriously, conducted more focused workshops and started measuring our success on projects. Furthermore his impact on our company extended far beyond project work and we found a thoughtful, caring and knowledgable friend, who equally enriched our internal discussions and decision making.

Over the last 2.5 years we have collaborated with Robert on almost all our projects, including our work for Clark, Der Zukunftsfonds, Miele, ZEIT ONLINE and HeiScreen. His involvement became increasingly indispensable and we realized we wouldn’t want to work any other way.

So it is only logical that we’re making this already extensive collaboration official by bringing Robert on as an equal partner in the company. We are convinced that with him our work is of higher quality, we can offer more to clients and we are a stronger team.

Recently we already hired our second full-time strategist Jonathan Muth and we’re looking to build out a dedicated team, under Robert’s lead. The next goals are to make our work even more data-aware, actively measure the performance of our projects and to integrate strategy even more closely with our design and development teams.

More than ever we’re excited to see where this road will lead us and we’re certain that the best is yet to come!

To wrap up, let’s hear from Robert himself: Why did you choose to work with us? Why did you want to join diesdas?

Word. 🙌

In the past Robert was a strategy director at Meta Design (2008–2015, last position), followed by two years as a freelance strategist. He worked in Berlin, Dhaka, San Francisco and Beijing with clients such as Audi, Apple, Commerzbank, Daimler, Mindray, Siemens and Voestalpine.

Robert and Jonathan in a workshop — these two photos were taken by Mejdi El Bekri.
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