Sabrina Person and Max Hoffmann are joining the team!

Now even better: project management and development.

Harry Keller
Oct 17, 2017 · 2 min read
First day onboarding. 🚀

We are excited to share that two highly experienced people are joining our team today: Sabrina Person and Maximilian Hoffmann.

Sabrina has worked as a senior project manager at agencies such as TLGG and RAPP, managing large-scale projects for Daimler/Mercedes, Nestlé and thyssenkrupp. Her expertise is especially valuable for us because even though we’ve only been around for two years, our projects and team have grown steadily. Sabrina will make sure that everything stays on track and runs smoothly in the future. She will also keep an eye on all financial decisions, be it proposals, investments or ongoing project budgets—not only will that improve the quality of our work, but also let us sleep soundly at night. 🙃

Secondly, Max Hoffmann is joining us to head our growing tech team. He used to be a developer at Edenspiekermann Berlin and then moved to London, working at Improbable as a software engineer. Now he’s back in Berlin and we couldn’t be happier to have him aboard, guiding our development team and making sure that we always pick the right technology for the job, help our people grow and deliver quality code. Also he considerably raises the average person’s height in the office, being the tallest of us all, by a wide margin. 🔭

We’re very much looking forward to see how those two will bring their experience into play and shape our company! We’re now a team of ~15 people, bringing together a lively group of strategists, designers, developers and project managers. Here’s to all the adventures yet to come! 🎆 is a nimble studio for strategy, branding and product development in Berlin, featuring a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers and strategists. We create tailor-made digital solutions with an agile mindset and a smile on our faces; seeing the bigger picture, as well as intricate details. You can hire us: let’s work together and make rad internet stuff! 🙌

Want more? We’re also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and we highly recommend our Tumblr. You could also subscribe to this publication to get notified when new posts are published! Phew. That’s all, over & out! 🛰

Thoughts, observations and learnings from Berlin-based…

Harry Keller

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Developer and co-founder of @diesdasdigital. Writing code and blog posts in equal amounts.

Thoughts, observations and learnings from Berlin-based digital studio

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