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The Vision Implementation Canvas

Put your vision to work

Nuff said: Get the Canvas here
  1. Add the Required Information: To get started with the canvas three pieces of information are required: A vision statement, the target audience and the field of activity. They are added to the respective areas at the top of the canvas.
  2. Formulate a Value Proposition: The next step is to derive a value proposition from this information. The guiding questions: How does working towards the vision in the given area add value to our product from the target groups perspective?
  3. Reflect on the Needs of the Audience: The value proposition needs to be matched to existing audience/user needs. This is done by thinking about which frustrations the target audience is currently experiencing in the area we are talking about and how the value proposition addresses these frustrations.
  4. Come up with concrete Solutions: User needs and value proposition make it possible to come up with specific solutions. These should be divided into basic needs and delightful add-ons and always relate back to the vision.
  5. List potential Obstacles, required Key Resources and define Metrics+KPIs: The final step is to outline which resources are required to implement the solution and which factors (KPIs) determine the success of the implementation and which obstacles might get in the way of realizing the solutions.




Thoughts, observations and learnings from Berlin-based digital studio diesdas.digital.

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