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We are climate-striking on Sept. 20 and we urge you to join in!

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As a company we have pledged to leave the world better than we found it and we’ve already taken many steps to improve our ecological footprint:

  • We’ve made traveling by train the default, avoiding planes whenever possible.
  • Our office runs on renewable energy and we try to be conscious about other resources we use, like paper and plastics, as well as ordering organic milk for coffee (and providing oat milk as an alternative), using recycled paper and preferring local food options when ordering drinks/food for the office.
  • We still have some work to do: We’re pondering to switch to the GLS Bank and we’re not yet compensating travel emissions. Also pens, sticky notes and other single-use office equipment is not properly evaluated yet, but we’re on it.

While it’s important that we all play our individual part, all these are baby steps compared to the levers that politicians can pull—and therefore it’s time to send a strong message:

For September 20th the Fridays for Future movement has called for a global climate strike and we’re participating. That means we won’t work on that day and instead take it to the streets of Berlin, joining many thousands of others protesting around the world.

Sending a strong signal is important because the 20th is just a few days ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 happening in New York. So convince your company to join in and we hope to see you on the 20th to make some noise!

Side notes:

  • Our developer Erkal rightly pointed out that it’s not technically a strike if the employers are participating. 🤡
  • Sev will strike in London. 🙃

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