We now have a company wiki — and it’s open for everyone to read!

Most employee wikis live behind a login, but ours is public. 💫

Harry Keller
Apr 11, 2018 · 3 min read
Lots going on in the office.

Every growing company needs some form of shared long-term memory, documenting processes, expectations and generally how things are done. In the early days these insights are usually to be found in Slack or people’s heads, but when growing to a certain size this becomes impractical: Different people remember things differently and searching through Slack is … well, less than ideal. Inevitably the topic of a company wiki comes up.

I’ve worked at a few companies and most often documentation of internal processes was fenced off from the public behind a login … and I get it: It’s a bit scary to open up the inner workings of an organization, because these employee manuals reveal the reality of working at a company (which is often considerably more dull and bureaucratic than shiny blog posts tend to promise).

However, there’s also an opportunity here: In an effort to align the inner and outside view of our company, we’ve decided to open up our employee wiki for everyone to read it. We feel this has several benefits:

  1. It aligns with our values of being transparent, open and honest. 🔮

So without further ado:

It contains everything from how we approach development, to onboarding new people, frequently asked questions and our open positions. It’s in the nature of a wiki that many of these pages aren’t yet as comprehensive as we would like them to be — all this is perpetually work in progress. Our wiki will evolve in tandem with the company itself.

And if you feel like joining the team after taking a peek: we’re listening. 😊

Did you like what you just read? As a small company (without a dedicated communications person) it takes quite a bit of effort to put together blog posts on the side. Let us know what you think by clapping, leaving a comment or sharing this post. Thank you! 👏

diesdas.digital is a nimble studio for strategy, branding and product development in Berlin, featuring a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers and strategists. We create tailor-made digital solutions with an agile mindset and a smile on our faces; seeing the bigger picture, as well as intricate details. You can hire us: let’s work together and make rad internet stuff! 🙌

Want more? We’re also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and we highly recommend our Tumblr. You could also subscribe to this publication to get notified when new posts are published! Phew. That’s all, over & out! 🛰


Thoughts, observations and learnings from Berlin-based…

Harry Keller

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Developer and co-founder of @diesdasdigital. Writing code and blog posts in equal amounts.


Thoughts, observations and learnings from Berlin-based digital studio diesdas.digital.

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