Week 49: Our birthday, a case study and we’re hiring!

Our company turned 1 this week and we got the most amazing birthday cake. Also: we’re hiring for next year!

Hello everyone, this is Harry, one of the founders of diesdas.digital—a nimble branding and product development studio in Berlin. Each week we post a brain dump of everything we found noteworthy and you’ve stumbled upon issue 49 of this series.

Let’s get started, we have three topics this time!

Uh, what?


So many things happened this week that it easily included the busiest days of this year and so we almost forgot that the 9th of December marks our company birthday. It was on that day in 2015 that we signed all the legal documents and made this adventure an official thing. However, one person did not forget and all the stress from the days before immediately vanished with this incredible birthday cake! Sharon brought it to the office on Friday to our biggest surprise and excitement… holy moly, look at us, it’s our faces on a CAKE! We couldn’t stop laughing and the cake not only looked, but tasted quite great as well. Although eating yourself is slightly awkward… let’s try not to read too much into that. 😅 #employeeoftheyear

Workshop preparations.

Case study: TypeMates.com

Remember that we launched the new typemates.com last week? Sure you do, we already wrote a little bit about it in the last recap blog post. This week we have a full blown case study though, so if you’re curious about the process behind such a project, check out our extensive post below. You might find it refreshingly honest, as we also talk about what did not work out so well:

(If you prefer to finish reading this article first, the case study link is included again at the very bottom. Because we’re user-friendly like that. 💁)

Office life.

We’re hiring!

We’ll announce this properly next week, but here’s the gist already: Next year we’ll have our own office in Berlin Kreuzberg and we have many projects already lined up + a few more in the pipeline. To get all of these done we could use a hand or two, so we’re looking to expand our team and are specifically interested in the following roles (can be fully employed or freelance, we’re open to both options):

Front end developer
We’re building responsive websites with the usual mix of technologies, such as Node, Gulp, Craft CMS, Kirby, React, Vue, jQuery, PostCSS or Sass. If you’re familiar with some of those, we’d love to talk about working together. We’re pretty flexible when it comes to working times, but three days a week would be the minimum, with the option to work from home, but not completely remote, unfortunately. As a young company our processes aren’t yet robust enough to support full remote work efficiently. Also, it’s super fun to sit in an office with us—promise! 😇

Office manager
We are looking to lift some of the administrative work off our shoulders, so this role includes making sure that everyone can focus on their project work with minimal distractions. Preparing the accounting documents is part of this role, as well as the usual things that come with running an office. Restocking supplies, booking flights, all the little things that happen every day. This would likely be a part-time position to start with, maybe 20h per week. It’s not rocket science (none of these jobs are), but requires diligence and is a crucial role to what we do (we know because we did all these tasks ourselves for the past year).

Freelance designer or design intern
We definitely need more design power as well, but we’re not entirely sure about the scope yet. If you’re a freelance designer and you can imagine working with us next year, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re looking for an internship, we’re happy to do that as well. Your work could lean more towards branding or interaction design — we usually need support with both.

One more thing: One of our most important goals is to build a diverse team in which different people can learn from each other. We know that some of our photos may seem to indicate otherwise, so that’s why we find it important to make this very clear: We’re eager to bring new perspectives into the team and provide an inclusive working environment for everyone! Don’t hesitate to get in touch, whoever you are! 🙌

That’s the gist. More to follow next week, but please don’t hold back any emails and get in contact as soon as possible if this sounds like your thing. Knowing that you’re out there would likely prevent some sleepless nights on our end. 😉

And it’s a wrap!

Have a good weekend everyone, get some rest and see you next week. I know this recap was rather short, but below are many photos and the typemates.com case study is waiting for you.

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Take care!
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