Week 51: Happy holidays!

Time to get some well-deserved rest.

Hey there, this is Harry, one of the founders of design and development studio diesdas.digital. Each week we write a short (/sometimes long) article about what we learned in that particular week and this is no. 51. Let’s jump right in after the obligatory photo of the week!

Our Christmas cards in the making.

Originally this post was meant to be a collection of quotes from each of the previous weekly recap posts, summarizing the whole year in little text snippets. When I compiled the list though, it grew into an absolutely massive article and doubts crept in wether anyone would actually want to read this, especially over the holidays. Then I saw this tweet:

And that was when I realized I didn’t want to throw even more work-related thoughts under your Christmas tree (if you have one 🎄). To me these days between Christmas and New Year’s are about recharging, reflection, reading a book, being around my loved ones (or alone), and maybe even about writing more code — but only if I choose to do so. I won’t let anyone else tell me how I should spend my time off, especially not if that person perpetuates the inhumane Silicon Valley ideology that you are your job, that you need to be endlessly passionate about it and that all time not spent on improving your skills is wasted. Enough of that productivity nonsense. We all worry about our jobs and careers enough already … these few precious days I won’t be hustlin’. The office is also closed and work resumes on January 2nd, 2017.

Therefore, happy holidays to all of you, have a safe, calm and lovely time. We’ll be back with a final note towards the end of the year. Until then: take care and Merry Christmas to those celebrating it!

Your friends at diesdas.digital. 💚


The quotes collection does exist if you’re curious:

The usual photo collection from this week:

Until next time! 👋

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