Week 53: Here we go again.

Hah, just when you started wondering whether we might’ve stopped writing these posts, we’re back with more. Bring it on, 2017!

Hey there readers and welcome back in case you already followed our journey in 2016! If not and you’re new to these posts, don’t worry, here are the basics: I’m Harry, one of the founders of diesdas.digital, an agile studio for brand and product development in Berlin. Or in other words: We’re a bunch of people making digital stuff… for the excitement, out of curiosity, to help others and for the monies. 🤓 Each week we also write an honest blog post reflecting on the challenges we encountered. You can already read a whopping 52 posts of that kind on this blog, covering all of 2016. And since we had a blast writing them and the feedback has been heartwarmingly positive … why stop now? Exactly.

Ready for the next round? Let’s do this! 🎉

Back in the office: Lars, Sharon, Lorenz, Max, Robert, Nicolás and I say “hi”! (Santiago will also return next week.)

The same, only different.

So, what’s new? It’s 2017 all of a sudden, our second year in business starting now! Somehow I always expected this would be a big, ceremonial moment of huge relief and big excitement all at once … after all we made it through our first full year of being an independent company, establishing many lasting client relationships, smashing our revenue goals and looking back at countless projects with a team that more than doubled in size compared to the first days.

And yet, the end of 2016 came way quicker than expected, the daily hustle was even more intense in December, the days flew by and suddenly here we are in January! No huge celebrations, no detailed plans for drastic changes, no formal wrapping up and starting fresh … 2017 just casually walked in, said “hi” and got to work.

But of course it’s not all the same … everyone is noticeably relaxed from the holidays and although throughout this first week a lot of things came crashing down on us, we couldn’t be more optimistic for the weeks and months that lie ahead. Mainly because there’s one thing we can be absolutely sure of: 2017 will bring a different set of challenges compared to last year. We’re not starting up anymore, we’re now building on the foundation from last year. One thing is for sure, it won’t get boring anytime soon. 🙃

Hugs, discussions and being in the zone.

So here’s a short list of the challenges I presume we’ll face this year and what I hope we’ll end up achieving. Next week all the other team members will chime in with their take (Right? *eyes everyone intently*).

New faces

If the past is any indication, then new people will join the team. We already are in talks with a handful of developers, are looking for an office assistant and will probably start offering internships. This means we can hopefully tackle more projects and gain new insights due to new perspectives… at the same time one shouldn’t underestimate the effort required to onboard new people. 🐠

Improving our processes

So far we’ve operated without much structure, but as we see the team grow and new people come aboard, we can’t leave everything to intuition and common sense anymore. These must still be important, but a bit of guidance and agreement on best practices will be necessary as well, without constraining experiments and creativity. 🔬

Meetings can be boring, but not when Max is there.

More effective internal communication

More team members mean more things going on at once, which means nobody in the company can know everything anymore. This makes it crucial to develop formats for internal communication, to keep everyone in the loop, distribute information, as well as preserve the team spirit. 🔈

Moving into our own office

In February we’re moving into our own space. Right now Lars is working full-time on making that happen and it’ll be a huge relief when we’ll hold the keys, with tables, lamps, chairs, internet and all our people over there in Kreuzberg. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition and no delays. 💪

Winning bigger projects

To sustain the office and increased team size, we obviously need to keep winning bigger projects. Over the course of 2016 budgets steadily kept increasing and we’ve established some valuable partnerships, so we’re not too worried and have many promising leads to chase. But if you, dear reader, want to team up and work together, do shoot us an email—we’ve got the time, skills and dedication. 🙃

Impressions without much context. 👋

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Of course we also welcome all feedback you might have … there is no editorial concept for these posts and they always come together while I write them. Therefore even tiny feedback (such as clicking the little ❤ ️or sending us a tweet) does have an immediate impact and can shape what we do here on this blog. So if you read this far, don’t hold back, we want to know, no matter of positive or negative, as long as it’s constructive!

In any case we wish you a nice weekend and a good start of the new week! See you around! 👀

Take care,
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Nicolás already shared his goal for 2017.