Week 56: Teamwork!

Dealing with stressful times, new MacBooks arriving, recurring emails, a shiny office floor and a ton of photos. It’s week #56! 🙃

Good afternoon, another week is drawing to a close and you know what that means: it’s blog post time! I’m Harry, one of seven people working at diesdas.digital, a nimble studio for branding and product development in Berlin. Each week we write a blog post about all the surprising, weird and encouraging things we encounter. This is post #56—let’s go down the rabbit hole together! 🐰

Lars and Max discussing a design idea.

Last week we introduced a new structure for these posts, which is more list-based, varied and a bit shorter. Let’s see how that works out this time:

Shower thoughts of the week: Teamwork

At the start of this week we found ourselves in a tense mood because there was simply too much going on: an important client meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, while the nearing office move requires heaps of quick decisions and on top there were a few new-business meetings looming. On Monday we were all bit on the edge, the stress level clearly noticeable. At some point we realized what was going on, resulting in this brief Slack exchange:

“More love from now on!”

And somehow it immediately was much better afterwards, even though the circumstances obviously didn’t change. Rather we adjusted our attitude and made a conscious effort to approach the situation differently. This helped immensely because suddenly we were in this together again, cooperating and acting in concert. The rest of the week was still packed, but much more enjoyable. 🙌 #teamwork

Still, I think Lars is exactly right: Once we are sitting in our new office and don’t have to worry about too little space anymore, everything will become much easier. We. Cannot. Wait.

Not going to stay this empty for long. We’re moving in mid-February. 😊

Challenges we encountered this week:

  • We finally invited a client to our Slack, with whom we had only communicated via email and the occasional meeting before. Having him right there with us worked wonders for communications. I’m generally skeptical of the instant, always-online, always-respond-immediately mentality of Slack, but the fast and direct communication made giving feedback and bouncing around ideas much simpler than before.
  • We not only need a better website, but also a better slide deck describing who we are and what we do. The one we have is super old and rather cringeworthy, which became very apparent when meeting a potential client this week. 🙃
Office life.

Decisions we made this week: Maintenance day

Every project you “finish” will inevitably come back at some point and require additional features, bug fixes or maintenance work (such as software updates). This is of course a good thing, because digital projects should be living, breathing and evolving organisms—however, this kind of work, due to its urgency, is often hard to plan for. We’ve launched quite a few things over the past year, so we realized we needed to bring more structure to this process: in order to be less stressed ourselves, but also to give our clients better estimates.

In my time at Edenspiekermann they faced the same situation and introduced a “support day”—we decided to give that a try as well, so starting next week we’ll exclusively work on maintenance tasks and bug fixes each Friday. We’ll report back if that leads to less scattered days.

But enough with the serious topics for now, let’s look at some photos instead:

“Guys, smile!” #haha
Santiago trying to escape the photo. Too Slow. Sad.
Sharon doing what you gotta do at Zurich Airport. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Lost in thoughts.
Trying to wrap our heads around a rather obscure project setup, with Ruben from häberlein & mauerer.
Santiago’s development setup is a sight to behold. 😅
New MacBooks! 😊

What else is new?

  • Did somebody say new MacBooks? Indeed, we ordered two beefed up machines for Lorenz and Max, so they can do their design work more efficiently. The excitement lasted only until they realizing that you need special cables to connect the MacBooks to our Dell 4k screens. HDMI apparently won’t do, so Lorenz did some research and finally found the right cables, due for shipment next week. The faces weren’t so happy afterwards. 😑
  • Did you know you could automate all of Google Apps (I refuse to say “G Suite” 🙃) using JavaScript? Yeah, me neither. It’s called Apps Script and is quite powerful. We were looking for a simple way to automatically remind everyone to log their hours every afternoon, but there were only paid services for recurring emails. Then I discovered Apps Script and it’s as easy as this if you use GMail for your mails. I literally hacked this script together in 10 minutes: First it fetches a random “thank you” gif from Giphy, stores it in Drive, adds it as an attachment to a new email and sends that email out to everyone on the team using a time-based trigger every afternoon on weekdays. Pretty cool.

And it’s a wrap!

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In any case: enjoy your weekend and see you around next week!

Take care,
your friends at diesdas.digital ✌️

I’ll leave you with this vector barf. 😇

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