Week 57: Office move, part 1

It’s finally happening: We’re moving offices from Mitte to Kreuzberg. All the photos after the jump! 🎊

Hello everybody, this is Harry, one of the founders of diesdas.digital—a Berlin-based studio for branding and digital product development. Each week we write a quick summary of all the exciting things we encounter and you’re reading issue 57. Trust me, this week was very exciting because we finally got the keys to our new office. It’s nowhere near ready, so let’s take a look at the current state of affairs. 👀

Not quite ready to move in yet.

Previously on diesdas.direct…

As avid readers may know, four months ago we finally made the decision to rent our own office space, after subletting (👋 häberlein & mauerer) for a year. Finding the right location and getting it was quite a journey in itself and if you’re curious, here’s the post from 17 weeks ago:

Moving in

Now we’re in the next stage… the handover with the landlord finally happened last Monday and suddenly we were alone in the space, holding the keys. I have to admit, it is quite an elevating feeling, standing in these raw, empty rooms. All the potential and all the things that are bound to happen here. 🎉

One step at a time though: Early on Monday we immediately got to work, with Lars coordinating and overseeing the construction site pretty much full-time. While most of us started the week doing business as usual…

[and by “usual” we mean “played with the touch bar all day”]

… Lars was busy hanging lamps, building tables and working with the electricians. Soon enough though most of us were splitting our time between the two offices. And since pictures say more than a thousand words… here they come:

Paint it black!

Building stuff + the first evening after getting the keys.

Coming together, albeit slowly.

We plan to have it all ready on February 13, but a lot of things still need to fall into place for that to happen. The kitchen is still to be delivered, we have no internet yet, all the little supplies haven’t been bought yet, there’s no light bulbs, no shelves, no plants, no couch, all the desks need to be put together… the list just keeps on growing.

Despite all the work left to do it goes without saying that everyone is beyond excited … except for Santiago who calls offices “prisons” and didn’t even want to take an early peek at it. Oh well. He’s a comedian (for real), so that’s just his usual cynicism. 👹

Last but not least a shout-out: All of this was made dramatically easier through the invaluable help of Lars Heinzelmann, who provided us with storage space, countless tools and advice. Thank you! 👍

Random bits and pieces

  • Our new maintenance day on Friday worked really well.
  • Juggling the office move and ongoing project work requires a lot of discipline. Naturally everybody wants to help with the move, but we also can’t pause all our projects.
  • If you’re a JS developer proficient in Node and React we could use your help! Get in touch, let’s work together! 😊

What else is new?

  • A potential client chose to meet with us because from our website he got the impression that he wouldn’t need to wear a suit for the initial meeting. We take that as a compliment. 😅
  • We’re starting an exciting project as soon as next week: Some branding work was done a while ago and since then pretty Sketch files have been floating around … from Monday on we’ll finally turn it into the real thing, building the full website. Hopefully we can spill the beans soon. 🙌

And week 57 is a wrap!

Thanks for checking in, now I gotta run to rent a hand-held circular saw at Bauhaus. As you do on a Saturday. 💪

If you liked what you saw, you’re very welcome to visit us after February 13 and take a look for yourself at the new place. We might not be able to offer you coffee yet, but we’ll be happy to serve tap water. 😅

Speaking of happy: In case you enjoyed this post, you could bring a smile to our faces by clicking the little heart [💗] below as a little encouragement. Thanks a lot!

See you next week for part 2 of the move!

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Your friends at diesdas.digital

Before you go, here’s Lars finding a TWENTY year old Schultheiss bottle on a suspended ceiling in the office. Such joy on his face, isn’t it lovely? 😊


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