Week 58: Office move, part 2

Our move from Mitte to Kreuzberg in photos.

Hello there, I am Harry, one of the founders of diesdas.digital—a nimble studio for branding and product development in Berlin, currently consisting of eight people working on digital things. 👾

We founded the company in December 2015 and have been working out of häberlein & mauerer’s office in Mitte ever since. We’re endlessly thankful for the desks they rented out to us, helping us to get off the ground, but over the course of 2016 it became increasingly clear that at some point we’d need to get our own space… and that point in time is now.

If you haven’t been following along, you might want to check out these previous posts before: The first one is about finding the space, the second is last week’s part 1 of the move.

Alright, let’s not waste waste any more words and instead look at the many impressions we captured across the week. Enjoy. ✌️

We start our journey in Mitte, beginning of the week.

Business as usual for most of us: Screens, keyboards, design, code. Lars is already busy in the new office, but most of us start a regular work week.

Meanwhile in Kreuzberg

Lars and Sophie are doing a very different kind of creative work.

Still in Kreuzberg, second half of the week…

The chaos slowly fades and makes room for corners that start to look like an actual office.

Friday, back in Mitte

Packing up. 👋

Kreuzberger Nächte sind lang, Friday and Saturday.

Lorenz and Lars fighting with cables and lamps until 4am, then getting some sleep, only to continue in the morning. 💪

Exhausted, but happy.

Goes without saying: we’re all exhausted now (especially Lars after two weeks of non-stop building), but super excited to start work in our own space on Monday. Many thanks go out to häberlein & mauerer for supporting us all along, to Lars Heinzelmann, Carolin, Kristin and Wolfgang for helping us to assemble all the things and of course also to all of you for taking an interest in our adventures. 🙇

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In any case, we hope to see you next week for the conclusion of this trilogy, with impressions from our first week in the new space. Until then, take care and have a nice weekend!

Ready for work on Monday. 👏

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