Week 59: Office move, part 3

Join us for the first week in our new office space. 👀

Welcome everybody, it’s week 59 for diesdas.digital: We’re a nimble branding and product development studio located in Berlin and each week we publish a new article summarizing what we encounter as a company. If you’ve been following along, you know that we’ve been moving into our new office. This is part 3 documenting the move.

If you need to catch up first, these are the previous posts: about finding the space, organizing the move and packing everything into boxes:

Alright, now that we’re all set, let’s take a look, shall we?

Our new office, now including stuff and people!

Last Monday I woke up early, went on my new way to work, arrived at Oranienstraße, disabled our alarm system, finally turned the key and opened the door. I gotta say, what a great feeling. 😊

Our new hood: Kreuzberg 36

Quite a change compared to Mitte. New lunch options, everything is rougher, but also more real. Came with a power blackout during the first week, luckily not affecting us, but pretty much the rest of the street. 😅

Welcome Sophie!

There’s a new person in the office: We’re super happy to have Sophie aboard now, helping us with various tasks such as accounting and office management. Huge help, even in this first week. 🙌

Every place is better with plants…

… which is why Sophie and Lars rented a car and got us some. Honestly I didn’t expect that we would take care of details like this within the first week, but Lars is simply an unstoppable force organizing everything and getting it done. 💪

Another new face: Pino!

He’d already been to the old office once or twice, but this week Max brought his dog almost every day, to the great delight of everyone around. 🐶

Kitchen + lunch table = 😊

We all know one shouldn’t eat at one’s desk, and at least once we all sat down to eat together at our huge lunch table, which also serves as a place for quick meetings. In the coming weeks Lorenz will also start cooking meals for everyone, so it’s going to get even more cozy. 🍝

More space = more calm

Our old desk setup was rather cramped, so suddenly having this much space is a big change we’re still getting used to. One isn’t forced to be aware of everything that is happening anymore and that’s definitely a good thing.

And suddenly it’s Friday!

The week comes to an end with a quick visit to the terrace, Lars still building more stuff and the others playing a round of N64 on the large TV. I can definitely get used to this. 😇

Week 59 is a wrap!

Of course there’s still more things to fix, mount and build, but settling in is a process—it can’t be forced to happen within a few days. That being said, I’m amazed how far we’ve come already. 🚀

Thank you for following along here on Medium, a shout-out to the countless people who visited us during these first days and I’m looking forward to Monday already. Take care, enjoy your weekend and maybe consider tapping the little heart if you liked what you saw! 💖

See you around,
your friends at diesdas.digital

Until next time. 👋

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