Week 60: Settling in

New faces, new office, new projects.

Hello dear readers, this is Harry, one of the founders of Berlin-based branding and product development studio diesdas.digital. It’s now been 60 weeks since we set up shop with just three people, subletting mostly empty desks back then. Here’s a quick throw-back:

Let’s just say things have changed quite a bit since then. 😊

The team, as of February 2017.

Welcome Jonathan!

Regular readers will recognize a new face on this roster and that is Jonathan Muth, who is joining us during his semester break as a developer. He had his first day with us on Monday and we couldn’t be happier with the results from this first week. 🙌

While we’re settling into our new office (see the last three posts), we’re also working on many projects at once: Continuing work with the TypeMates, designing and building Dropscan’s new website, tackling various challenges with AZ Medien, resuming work with haebmau on projects for Leerdammer and continuing our collaboration with the .process design festival. Furthermore our own website desperately needs attention, as well as a pitch with a Dutch agency and two very interesting project leads that popped up this week. Exciting times, bring it on! 👻

Alright, enough letters, time for pictures! 📸

Still in love with our new home

It gets more beautiful every day. 😍

Surprising amounts of sunshine in grey Berlin this week. 🌤

Work, work, work

That’s why most of us are here, after all. 🙃

We look so sad in this one. Can’t remember what was going on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Uncategorized black & white shots

When no VSCO filter can rescue the colors. 😇

Skype calls can be so much fun. 🙃

And it’s a wrap!

Thank you for checking in and joining us here on Medium for our 60th weekly recap. If you want to see more, you could browse our other articles or even subscribe to this blog to get notified when we publish new things. There are a few changes coming to our social media activities, so it’s a good time to hop aboard. 🐰

Speaking of which: If you could picture yourself becoming part of this team: We’re still looking for a Javascript developer and also a design intern. Don’t be shy, stop by! 🙃

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Cool. Have a great weekend and see you next week,
your friends at diesdas.digital 🙌

Fidget Cubes for the whole team arrived in the office. Lots of fidgeting ensued. 😅

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