Week 62: Business as usual

Not much to report this week, so have some photos. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hello everybody, this is Harry, one of the founders of diesdas.digital, a nimble branding and product development studio in Berlin. We are currently nine people, working on challenging digital projects and generally having a pretty good time. 🙌 You’ve stumbled upon our blog and usually we post weekly summaries of the curious things we encounter each week, but this week was rather uneventful. Or was it?

Well, let’s say we’re not quite ready yet to talk about the things that happened. So this week we only have a few bullet points and the usual photo set. Without further ado …

Pino reporting for duty.

What’s new?

  • Sophie is handling all the accounting now and makes a fantastic office manager. Definitely the right decision to join forces! 💪
  • We realized that since we moved into the new office we haven’t paid much attention to internal communications … that’s why last week some colleagues learned important news only from reading the blog post. 😓 Well, that’s embarrassing to say the least, so we’ll have a weekly update from now on, with all the news regarding projects and people for the whole team. 👀
  • We now have a smart thermostat (HOME HEATING OF TOMORROW™, #lol) to regulate the 15 heaters in the office from a central control. Just in time for spring when it’s getting so warm that we barely need them. Winning at office life. 😅
  • Shout-out: Harvest is the backbone of our business, for tracking time, writing project proposals + invoices, team planning and seeing where we stand financially. This week we made a major housekeeping effort to clean up the data to make Harvest even more accurate and valuable for us. Expect a blog post with details on this soon! Who would’ve thought that staring at tables filled with numbers could be this much fun? 🔬
  • The usual yadda yadda: chasing leads, making good progress on the current projects and on top we conducted a very productive workshop. Business as usual, as the title says. ♻️

Photos already!

That’s what you come here for anyways, right? Let’s see them!

Yeah, this one turned out weird, in an awesome way.

Until next time! 🙌

Alright, this was a quick one. Nonetheless a few hours of work go into even a simple post like this … taking notes across the week, nudging everyone to take photos each day, collecting and retouching them, writing it up, proof reading and putting it all together, finally sending it out through the various channels. So if you liked what you saw, consider sending us a a small encouragement by clicking the ❤️ below. Thank you so much! 😇

Have a good weekend and see you around next week!
Your friends at diesdas.digital

Happy holidays Santiago, see you soon! 👋

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