Weekly Recap #17: We need to talk!

It’s now been four months in business! Join us for project news, tough decisions and SO MUCH TALKING! 💬

I am Harry, we are diesdas.digital and you are reading another one of those weekly recaps! Let’s move out, go, go, go, fire in the hole!

Wide angle Moment lens for the win!

Small things first …

We changed our seating plan (actually that already happened last week, but I couldn’t be bothered to mention it) … so instead of occupying all four sides of the table group, we now sit next to each other in pairs. Seemingly a small change, but massive improvement in terms of communication. Happens much more often that you catch a glimpse of something interesting on your neighbor’s screen and then start a conversation. A++, would move again!

Quiet please!

Man, running a company with four people is exhausting … so many opinions and so much time spent reaching some kind of consensus. This week we had to make a couple of hard decisions: regarding project work, mainly what to take on vs. what to reject and even possibly growing our team.

One time we reached a solid 7 on a scale from 1 (all fluffy and rainbows) to 10 (shouting and throwing things).

For the first time we had to seriously consider how we make decisions when the going gets rough: do we vote democratically? Does each person have the right to veto a decision? Does the person with the most expertise in the relevant field have the last word? Luckily we were able to resolve everything peacefully and we’re all happy with the resulting decisions … but holy shit, did we need a lot of discussing until we got there. Some photos:

But enough with all the drama …

… on to the happy stuff!

On Thursday I made it all the way out to Oberschöneweide to attend an event lovingly organized by sehen und ernten, which is a design studio born out of HTW Berlin. It’s run by students from different semesters and gives them the opportunity to work on real projects while studying.

Kapolka in his element.

Right now they are hosting a ton of events, like inviting other companies for breakfast and having a casual conversation in the morning, in contrast to a formal presentation or a lecture. This week they invited Goodpatch and we shall be up on the 2nd of June. Stop by, we’ll give our best to make it worth your time! 🙃

Lorenz living the unboxing experience.

Shopping list

We finally bought some devices to properly test our web stuff on different Android, Windows and iOS machines. We now have a Windows laptop, a cheap Android 4.4, a Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhones and an iPad. QA is never gonna be the same again. 😇

Lorenz goes to hollywood

Some time ago we launched the website for TEMEDOS, a new day clinic for integrative medicine. The whole project was a collaboration with lots of friendly people from our network and is even gonna get a commercial in Berlin’s cinemas. Yeah, really! Lorenz lent his voice and narrated the spot … so we’ll definitely get tickets once we know when and where it’s on!

And that’s it! As always, join ~50 others and add us on Snapchat for the daily dose or you could follow us on Twitter/Instagram and also here on Medium. We’d like that!

Have a nice weekend, enjoy the sun and see you next week, through all the screens we’ll then be staring at again. 😳

Live long and prosper. 🖖 Well, almost.
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