Weeks 64/65: All the things!

56 random observations, reading recommendations and thoughts from two weeks at diesdas.digital. 🎢

Bonjour mes amis
some time has passed since the last blog post. That’s not because we’re lacking dedication or slacking—rather I had prepared a more opinionated post, which stirred up some discussions internally, to the point that we had to postpone publishing it.

Anyhow, we had to improvise and instead of the planned article we’ll be looking back at the last two weeks with a wild mix of observations, opinions and reading recommendations. Ready? Let the randomness begin!

  • All our developers agree: Operator is our favorite typeface for writing code.
  • Technologies we would love to look into if we had more time: A-Frame, Unity and React Native.
  • The new Offscreen looks super fresh. Great job, Kai!
  • All lamps in the office are always too bright. Lighting is hard.
  • But: Ikea offers smart bulbs now.
  • Nicolas finally watched Arrival: “It was alright”.
  • Jonathan watched Ghost in the Shell: “Meh”.
  • Good to know: Nicolás has been wearing his base cap every single day since Mai 2016.
  • Set up a VPN in 10 minutes to protect your privacy.
  • Everyone wanted fruit in the office, but then nobody actually ate it. There’s a metaphor in there somehow.
  • Santiago comes back from ’Nam this week. 🙌
  • Robin Sloan announced his new book Sourdough. I’m beyond excited and can’t wait.
  • Jonathan would like to spend a week digitizing old texts with OCR and feed them to a neural net. Result: unclear, but that’s the point.
  • A workshop that goes well is an incredibly satisfying feeling.
  • Having actual bus drivers in a meeting is awesome. They’ve seen the worst.
  • Rhein-Neckar-Air is a fantastic airline and Mannheim has the most ridiculous airport (well, more like a bus stop for airplanes, although us Berliners really shouldn’t joke about other airports). It’s also the most dangerous in Germany.
  • Reading recommendation from Jonathan: Postheroisches Management.
  • 31st of March, 20 degrees in Berlin, first wasp in the office. 🐝
  • Christian Jánský stopped by and talked about the city he lives in: Nobody knew Brno before, but now everyone wants to go!
  • Lars recommends Neutrogena hand cream while working. All the others are too greasy.
  • Github sells super nice stickers for your Macbook.
  • 50 GoPro accessoires for 24€. 🙃
  • Lars finally started using his Fidget Cube. Now he’s even more nervous.
  • Nicolás and his band The Tidal Sleep announced their new album!
  • Sharon made delicious beet-root burgers. A++, would shove into my face again!
  • German rap was better in the 90s. #hammerhart
  • Lars und I swear by the same styling gel.
  • Everyone loves Gösser.
  • Thanks to Twitter’s support team we now own twitter.com/diesdas. Unsure if we should make this our main account. Shorter is better, but consistency across networks also has value. 🤔 #21stcenturyproblems
  • Medium has paid accounts now, becoming the first major social network offering users to directly pay for the service. With money, not their data. Well, probably both.
  • We have a couch in the office now, but nobody ever sits on it.
  • Best color for highlighting text: Blue (2 votes), green (says the accountant), pink (1 vote).
  • Lorenz recommends this inspirational video: Digital Pulse
    Oh my. What did just happen?
  • 108 pages of corporate design guidelines is simply too much.
  • Finally, dinosaur emojis.
  • It’s a good time to re-read 1984. Most amazing book cover as well.
  • WANT. 😎
  • Lots of things going on doesn’t necessarily mean increased stress. It’s all about your attitude and mindset.
  • Nicolas hates SVG sprites.
  • Blog post request for Max: 
    How having children made me more relaxed at work
    Please write. Thanks.
  • Since it tends to be noisy in the office, I got myself Sony’s MDR-1000X. Early thoughts: Crystal clear audio, super comfortable, excellent noise cancellation.
  • UX/UI? Nope, simply Design.
  • Taleo is still a thing. Sigh.
  • Who is always stealing the pens from my desk? Reveal thyself!
  • Last week we worked 303,54h all combined, according to our time tracking tool of choice Harvest.
  • Kudos of the week: Apple switched iOS to a new file system and nobody noticed.
  • Getting excited for TYPO Berlin.
  • Masonry layouts still haven’t died. Sigh.
  • Nicolás played soccer and might have gotten himself a brain concussion. #whendevelopersdosports
  • Having fun with the Web Audio API. Jonathan was all over this.
  • Steadycams/gimbals are weird and harder to handle than one would think. Also: Max loves iMovie.
  • I finally got the Master Sword in Zelda: BotW. Nicolás still at second dungeon. Jonathan wouldn’t say.
  • It’s always astounding how long it takes until new projects are confirmed and signed. #exhausting
  • Jonathan built the craziest image grid this week. Can’t wait to see it in the wild.
  • Mega trend: Rectangles.
  • The flowers in our office look as if they came straight out of Star Trek (see photo below).
Photo impressions as random as the bullets before.

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