Weeks 71–76: Status update

So much has happened: New team members, new routines, our office warming party and trips to Dortmund and Bonn. Welcome back, it’s recap time!

Hey there, I am Harry, one of the co-founders of diesdas.digital, a branding and product development studio in Berlin, built on a diverse and multidisciplinary team. It’s been a while since the last blog post (and recap especially), but that’s not because we had nothing to report. Quite to the contrary. Let’s jump right in! 🏊

Welcome back!

.process 2017: A fantastic design event in Dortmund

As avid readers may know we collaborated with the .process design festival, which is lovingly put together by friends of us. It’s happening yearly in Dortmund and after giving a talk at the first edition last year, we came along for the ride again this year, building the website and going to Dortmund for the event. Lars and I had a fantastic time; .process 2017 was bigger and better than we anticipated, with a diverse line-up of speakers from several fields, great talks and leaving us very inspired.

Read more from the organisers, in German:

And our take on the tough reality of doing pro-bono work as a small studio. Although admittedly our effort with the website is nothing compared to the workload the organisers faced, being in the very same situation as us. So we’re not going to complain. 😶

Anyhow, some impressions from our trip:

Our favorite photographer Norman Posselt was there as well. 🙌

New team members

As you might have noticed we pushed our job postings rather hard in the past weeks and we’re happy to report that we’re growing the team with two interns, a designer, a new developer and several freelancers from the fields of strategy and development. It seems like we’ll be around 14 people in July, which is rather crazy. 🙃

Loosely related office impressions:

So bright.

We ❤️ students!

Cheesy headline, but to our great excitement we had the first student group visiting us. I gave a short talk about the challenges we face as a small company, how we approach projects and what we’re working on and we then discussed many questions for another full hour. I find visits like this rather refreshing, as they usually give you a new perspective on your own work. It looked like this:

We had a good time.

If you’re reading this as a teacher, student or professor and would like to visit us: Drop me a message, you’re most welcome.

Office warming: diesdas.unplugged

Everyone has been asking us about an office warming party for months, so on the 8th of June we finally made it happen under the label diesdas.unplugged. Our Facebook event counted around one hundred interested people and about 60 of those actually showed up. Thank you all for coming, for the laughs and good talks. I was especially happy to see visitors from many different circles: former colleagues, students, neighbors from the same building, completely new people (one flew in especially for that evening 👋), friends of ours, … we had a blast and we shall do this again, in roughly two months!

Someone remixed our “diesdas.ananas” sign. 😳

Contrary to what it looks like on these photos, the focus of the evening was not on getting drunk: We had a large selection of non-alcoholic beverages and everyone behaved really well: nothing broke, no spilled drinks, nothing stolen. Kudos people, well done! 🙃

A series of design thinking workshops takes us to Bonn

Lars and I went to Bonn last week, conducting a workshop in a larger series we’re doing with Baumgardt Consultants at public transport companies in Germany. This time we tackled the challenge of improving the merchants infrastructure, generating many ideas and will also be back for a prototyping session soon. It’s always astounding how much you can achieve in a condensed workshop format in just one day, when the participants are motivated. I am very much looking forward to be back at the SWB.

The most stressful part of the day came after the workshop though: We almost missed our flight and had to cross the Rhein with a taxi on a ferry. Yeah, right. Screenshots of live updates from our Slack:

Finally: new projects

And finally, you might be asking what we’re working on these days. Well, as usual we can’t say much, but we’ve managed to win a few big projects (hence growing the team), as well as continuing our work with häberlein & mauerer, clients from the world of typography, fin-tech, insure-tech and fashion. It’s definitely not getting boring and we hope to be able to show more stuff soon.

Until then, all the photos that didn’t make it into any of the sections above:

Thank you Leerdammer for the care package. 😊 🧀

It’s a wrap!

Thank you for checking in, we hope you enjoyed some of the updates. Feels a bit like the good old times when we did that every week, heh? Anyhow, if you liked what you saw, consider clicking the little heart below. That’d make us real happy. 💞

Take care, have a productive week and see you around!
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I’ll leave you with these utterly inspiring meeting notes. 😊

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