We’re looking for front-end developers!

Oh well, job postings, everyone’s favorite… let’s do this anyways because we need your help in 2017! 💞

Hello there, this is us! 👋

To cut a long story short: We are a small design and development studio in Berlin, with seven people having a good time while building digital products and services. If you could imagine to be part of this team please contact Harry and let’s get to know each other. 😊

Got more time? Not convinced yet? No worries, here comes the long version:

Who we are

We are diesdas.digital, a fairly young design studio based in Berlin. Our company was founded by Harry, Lars, Lorenz and Max in 2015 and since then we have been busy building internet stuff. So busy actually that we quickly needed more hands in design (hello Sharon) and development (hello Nicolás and Santiago). We’re doing quite well so far, building responsive websites, apps and adding a fair bit of strategy, but we want to step up our game, which is why we’re looking to grow the team.

Gestures. We haz them.

Our approach to development (and therefore design):

We see development and design as two sides of the same coin—you cannot do one without the other, which is why we like to bring developers and designers together on every project. The best ideas usually come from collaboration and all our designers know how to code as well (to varying degrees). Meaning: It’s never an us vs. them or tech vs. design, but a joint effort with everyone being present from the very start of every project.

How we roll: technology stacks

We have two main tech stacks: Node + React for the more custom stuff and Craft CMS/Kirby for out-of-the-box projects, each with Sass or PostCSS for styles. We also worked on Rails and Django applications, so we’re quite flexible when it comes to tech stacks. We don’t believe in slapping the same tech onto every project, but rather look at what makes sense for the given challenges.

In terms of workflows we like to keep evolving what we build beyond a first launch, because (as we all know) digital products are never done. So contrary to the usual agency cliché we do care about things like data-driven design, iterating in the wild and learning from people’s feedback.

A manifesto of sorts.

What we need to improve, hopefully with your help

In general we would benefit from more thorough Javascript skills in order to write more robust code and also, more specifically, our knowledge regarding accessibility is lacking a bit; so we could use somebody who we can learn from in these regards. Furthermore we’re currently not making enough use of newer browser features like service workers, haven’t fully grasped Docker yet and could definitely write more documentation, as well as more dabbling with hardware.

We’re a small, but professional team of seven people with years of experience working on complicated (and sometimes even complex) projects for large clients. That being said, we’re not perfect, which in return also means: we don’t expect you to be perfect. It’d be awesome to learn from each other and collectively get better at what we do; we’re not hunting for “ninjas”, “gurus” or “superhero developers”, instead we’re looking for open-minded people who share our excitement for making digital things and want to grow together.

One of our most important goals is to build a more diverse team consisting of different people. We know that some of our photos may seem to indicate otherwise, so that’s why we find it important to make this very clear: We’re eager to bring new perspectives into the team and provide an inclusive working environment for everyone! Don’t hesitate to get in touch, whoever you are! 🙌

Working situations.

We’re looking for …

… front-end developers with an eye or at least curiosity for design, who have experience building responsive websites for as many devices as possible. Accessibility, progressive enhancement and performance are all topics we care about. If you’re familiar with the latest hip technologies of the day, like CSS modules, webpack, PostCSS, React, Vue.js, that’s great, but we can also learn those together. If you only write styles and markup (some call this a front-end designer?) you’re very welcome and the same applies if you’re more into Javascript. We need both and we don’t expect you to be a jack of all trades. Basic English skills are a must though, as you would be working with some people who speak very little German.

Please note: We’re not exclusively looking for senior people (whatever that even means), but you should be able to work in a self-organised way.

In case you’re wondering how much commitment we’re thinking of: can be all in (full-employment, 38h per week) or could be freelancing with us on contained projects. Or start with freelancing and then evolve into something more permanent. We’ll figure something out that works for all of us!


How about remote work? Home office?

Glad you’re asking and yes, we’re open to that. Full disclosure though, we haven’t worked fully remotely with anyone yet, so there might be a learning curve for us. Our internal communication as well as with clients is mostly based on Slack, so it should be possible and we could try it together. If possible though, it’d be great to see each other in person regularly; home office is of course another story and easily possible.

When? How? Where? Salary?

All to be discussed. You could start early next year or later in February/March. We can imagine trying out how well we work together through an extended freelance agreement or we could look into full employment right off the bat. Let’s take it one step at a time though and discuss what you’re looking for, what we envision and then see what works for both of us! 👾

Location would be in Berlin, in our new office in Kreuzberg which we’ll occupy from February on.

Salary: We might be a small, self-sustained company without investors, but we believe in fair compensation, because feeling underpaid is not good for morale.

Our soon-to-be office.

Want to know more before contacting us?

Sure, just dig into this blog … for example there’s a case study that shows nicely how we work:

Furthermore these two posts might be worth your time:

And then there’s of course Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and our website if you have a lot of time. 🙃

Interested in being part of this adventure?

If this sounds like your thing, we’re looking forward to hear from you via email, Twitter or Snapchat. Why don’t we grab a coffee, tea or lunch together and get to know each other? We’d like that and we won’t bring coding challenges, promise! 😇

So yeah… reach out! We look forward to hear from you!

Enough! Your turn now!

diesdas.digital is a nimble branding and product development studio in Berlin, featuring an interdisciplinary team of seven designers, developers and strategists, each with years of experience in branding, interaction design and programming. We create tailor-made digital solutions with an agile mindset and a smile on our faces. Let’s work together!