Diez is Now Open Source.

Zack Brown
Nov 18 · 2 min read

The Haiku team is overjoyed to launch Diez open-source today after a year of development and several months of an Early Access beta.

Diez is an open-source design language framework. It allows you to maintain a centralized source of truth for your visual identity (a.k.a. your brand) — in a way that seamlessly integrates with any native iOS, Android, or Web codebase.

Update once, update everywhere — while embracing native platforms. Diez radically reduces the cost of delivering a consistent visual identity across your company’s apps & websites.

During the beta some brilliant folks have been piloting Diez into their design systems, from companies like Accenture, NBC/Universal, The Guardian, Cisco, Patreon, P&G, Atlassian, and McKinsey. (📢 shout-out to our beta testers! ❤️)

Iterating with these teams’ feedback, Diez has become a lean, mean design token machine: tailored for the needs of the world’s largest brands.

Check it out at diez.org

What else is new?

Ain’t yo’ grandma’s JSON

Today we announce a dramatic iteration on Diez’s design-token authoring format, a new syntax that’s best described as “typed JSON.”

Just think of writing Diez now as “JSON with autocomplete.” (But also with: imports, modularity, references, code reuse, scalability, inline documentation…)

Diez is now familiar & accessibile to non-developers, while leveraging a type system that turns your code-editor into a figurative hovercraft.

Design language docs with Diez DocsGen

The Diez DocsGen add-on for Diez is available starting today as part of Diez Enterprise Edition. From any Diez codebase, generate interactive, searchable, up-to-the-moment design language docs.

Read more at diez.org

The Diez Blog

Diez makes it easy to adopt a unified design language across platforms, codebases, and teams.

Zack Brown

Written by

Co-founder & CEO at Haiku (haikuforteams.com) Co-creator of Diez (diez.org)

The Diez Blog

Diez makes it easy to adopt a unified design language across platforms, codebases, and teams.

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