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Zack Brown
Aug 2, 2019 · 3 min read

And other news. Diez Update, August 2019

Diez is the design system framework for iOS, Android, and Web. Diez makes it easy to adopt a unified design language across codebases, platforms, and teams.

Diez has been in Early Access for just over a month now (if you haven’t already, sign up at!) This post is a quick update of what’s new since our initial announcement.

Dramatically simpler syntax

We just shipped a big refactor to Diez that dramatically cleans up the syntax. We’ve deprecated the @property decorator (no longer necessary,) and simplified token declarations so you no longer need extends Component.

Diez is now even easier to learn! It looks and feels a lot more like JSON or CSS, yet Diez still comes with all the benefits of a full programming language (TypeScript), namely: modularity, reusability, and expressions — not to mention static types and cross-platform compilation.

Astoundingly, this change is non-breaking — for those of you already using Diez, the old syntax continues to work; the “extra” bits that we managed to chop off are deprecated instead of broken. The guides have been updated to the new syntax.

New Slack community, who dis?

Just this week we spun up a Slack community for Diez. Now whether by Spectrum or Slack, you can more easily get in touch with our team and with others in Diez’s growing community.

Join the Diez Slack Community
️❤️ Join the Diez Spectrum Community

On the Road with Diez

In late-June, Diez co-hosted an event as part of San Francisco Design Week — read all about it here.

A couple weeks back, we also gave a talk about Diez at Facebook. In September we’ll be keynoting a Google Developer Group event — if you’re based around San Francisco, come join the conversation about design systems for developers.

Come to Zack’s talk at Google in September!

If you’d like someone from the Diez team to come give a talk about design systems to your team or at your event, get in touch.

Better starting experience; new prefabs

Over the last month, our team has been focused on improving the on-boarding experience, sanding down every rough edge we’ve encountered with folks from Early Access.

This has included authoring a number of new guides, filling out the docs, and improving the starter project.

In addition, we’ve shipped several new features:

  • Full support for Sass & CSS
  • Gradient support via the LinearGradient prefab
  • Drop shadow support via the DropShadow prefab
  • A number of technical goodies! If you’re already part of the beta, you can see the whole change log on Github. If you get a 404, sign up for the beta :)

We’re ramping up on-boarding

Several of you are already aboard & building with Diez. If you haven’t received your invite yet, you will soon; we’re already stepping up the pace working through our beta waitlist.

Stay tuned for a launch announcement!

With peace & love,

The Diez Team

Zack Brown

Written by

Co-founder & CEO at Haiku ( Co-creator of Diez (

The Diez Blog

The Design Token Framework: Diez makes it easy to adopt a unified design language across platforms, codebases, and teams.

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