The Way Things Used to Be

Memories. What happened in the past. What once was, now is not. These things that we once lived — now only remember, are some of the most valuble things on the planet.


I remember back when I was on the lakefront of Milwaukee, at some carnival of sorts — age 6 or so, and riding a model train throughout the event. To this day, I don’t know why I still remember that memory — over something else.


I remember back when I was living in Cambridge Wisconsin, with my brother where there was no internet where we lived, we had no mobile phones — my mother still had a flip phone. We stayed in my grandparents home — quite the grand one it was, built from the ground up by my grandpa himself. It was his living monument of his accomplishments. I remember the time when my brother and I went to the town next over, Deerfield, — at their library, and participated in a Lego building competition. Respectively, he was in 2nd grade, and I was in 4th.

We won first place. But I didn’t feel like it was our win. Next our station was this brother and sister who built a magnificent structure — a stage that probably stood over a foot tall, and about a yard wide. It had the right colors, all black and gray to represent the structure’s design, accurate to the point. I remember the amount of minifigures they had, it looked like they built a real concert, from the ground up. It looked like something that you would see at a Lego convention. But they didn’t even get in the top three.

Looking like a birthday cake, our Lego structure was a spaceship that had a deployable rover from the belly — rolling out of a “hatch” mouth in the front. With the base of white, it had assorted bricks since we couldn’t afford to buy those in the same color — or those in the same size. The wings were about an inch length, but the overall ship was about 2–3 inches in total width. It looked more like a white minivan with a hatch on the front than a spaceship. We shouldn’t have won the competition.

That Competition wasn't about the best build, the best design, the most accurate. It was about imagination. It was about how imagination is all someone needs to succeed. My brother and I created the universe that the minivan spaceship would explore all kept up in our minds. It was our imagination set us free from the world around us, and set us within the universe in mind. I keep remembering this because I keep looking for reinforcement that what I do each day is okay; different, but okay.


Some memories are kept for reason, others may remain in your mind for reasons unknown. It doesn’t matter if you know the reason or not, but your mind chose to keep it for you — and sometimes you just need to let your mind do the thinking, and sit yourself back.

All my life, these memories I look onto as reassureance. Im quite the weird person, different than most. These memories reassure me that what I am doing is okay — with myself, and not with the rest of the world. Yes, there is a level at which one must be uniform with the rest of the world; but that level is quite low, stand higher and be different among the rest.

Be Different. Be Better. Be You.

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