How to Setup Push Notifications in React Native (iOS & Android)

Spencer Carli
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1 min readJun 15, 2016


Looking to set up Remote Push Notifications? I’ve got a post that covers exactly that using OneSignal. This post exclusively handles local notifications.

This week I wanted to try something different and, rather than write a blog post, record a screencast.

Video is a completely different beast than writing and something I’m not (yet) comfortable with. Especially the changed workflow. However I did enjoy putting it together and it can be nice looking over someones shoulder as they think through problems.

The screencast covers how to setup Push Notifications in React Native, for both Android and iOS. It leverages react-native-push-notification to handle the hard stuff. Check it out and I hope you enjoy! It’s just over 30 minutes in length. I would love feedback as to how I can improve these types of tutorials.


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