Using Meteor as a Backend for Your Apps [Presentation]

Spencer Carli
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1 min readOct 19, 2016


Hey, long time no see! I just wrapped up a presentation (about 5 minutes ago) on using Meteor exclusively as a backend for your app. I wanted to share that with you…


  • Quick overview of what Meteor is
  • Benefits and drawbacks of using Meteor
  • Examples of when you may only want to use Meteor as a backend
  • Code samples on how to use Meteor as the backend (DDP, REST, Apollo/GraphQL)

Here’s the full presentation (it’s actually a practice round I recorded a few days ago :).

~27 minutes

You can also check out the slides directly.

Presenting on video, especially live, is something I’m still learning (I’ve only done it a handful of times). With that I would love feedback on things you like, don’t like, and general areas I could improve on.

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