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2021 Books That Influenced Me

I recall a quote or saying that I heard a few years back that reminisced… As we grow a year older of flip to a new calendar year the only meaningful advance one has made, besides the additional revolution around the sun, is the books they have read. I would like to add that experiences and travel should be included as equally important as the books you read. Nonetheless I thought this would be an important time to reflect on the books that influenced me in 2021.

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  1. Bad blood is crazy story that is still unfolding in the courts today. Elizabeth Holmes once a Silicon Valley visionary has turned into what the general public has despised about greed and lofty ideas of Silicon Valley. This was one of my favorite of the 10 books I read this year.

2. Educated was one of the more thought proving books in this list. For such is a thought provoking book it was not too dense.

3. Like many on the list John Grisham’s stories and style make for an enjoyable read.

4. If this book does not either encourage your or evoke a shift in mindset I’m not sure you’re reading the same Range by David Epstein that I read. The world is changing and Epstein surmises that generalist will outperform specialists in the future.

5. This is another John Grisham like thriller and Graham Moore did a phenomenal job capturing my attention.

6. The Game of Work has been around for many years and it was time for me to pick it up and glean it’s wonderful insight.

7. Crow’s first book Estate Secrets was w wonderful page turner and did not disappoint.

8. The Machine That Changes the World is probably the most dense book on this list. It does provide a glimpse into different approached of car manufacturing.

9. Another light read by john Grisham. I look forward to reading the next book in this series in 2022 called The Judge’s List.

10. Looking to improve you golf game or read some quips from an old timer, look no further than Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book.

Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and your thoughts.



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