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Book Review — At Night All Blood is Black by David Diop

In reading this book I was transported back to middle school or high school days. Days when required reading including books with an immense amount of symbolism and layers of thematic elements. The book’s short chapters were page turning yet each packed a punch, building upon each other. The character development of Alfa Ndiyae was outstanding. You will not be disappointed, in fact the last chapter is like a nice ribbon on top of wonderful gift wrapped present. By reading this book you will be treated to Diop’s gift to the world.

David Diop is a French writer. The book is translated by Anna Moschovakis. Simply, the story is about two soldiers from Senegal fighting in the trenches of the First World War. A more complex interpretation of this story is: a tale of soldiers who are grappling with fear, loss, and all the other mental/physical torments of war.

I found this book from Barack Obama’s 2021 Year End List:

Book Rating: 6/10



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