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Book Review — Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book

This book was a Christmas gift from my parents. It is an enjoyable short read with parable like stories on how to improve you game and Harvey Penick’s ‘Lessons and Teaching from a Lifetime in Golf’. I believe any golf would take a few strokes of his or her game by reading a few things from the book.

I had 2 key takeaways from the book.

First, when you take a practice swing be rather precise about it. Try not to whimsically swing at the ground but instead pick a certain patch of grass that your are trying to square the club face at which will in-turn be the location of the ball when you make you actual swing.

Second, a good swing starts with a good grip. The grip is the starting point of the swing and without a good grip much may need to be overcome.

Book Rating 7/10



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