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The 7 RIGHTS of Logistics

Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash

The 7 RIGHTS of logistics are below. These are inalienable RIGHTS. These RIGHTS do not change over time. How you achieve each RIGHT can change, how you measure each RIGHT can shift, and the strategies employed to improve each RIGHT can morph but the 7 RIGHTS do not change.

  1. Right Product🎁
  2. Right Customer 😀
  3. Right Price 💵
  4. Right Quantity 🎁🎁🎁
  5. Right Condition 📦
  6. Right Time ⏰
  7. Right Place 🏡

When you plan and operate in a way that promotes or focuses on the 7 RIGHTS you will achieve more optimal outcomes.

I recently encountered the term VUCA environments as a way of describing businesses environments in which supply chains are constantly evolving with the rapid changes in customer demand and expectations: VUCA stands for:

  • Volatile
  • Uncertain
  • Complex
  • Ambiguous

If you remember to keep the 7 RIGHTS front and center, even in a VUCA environment, you should achieve more optimal outcomes. Don’t get caught up in chasing other outcomes that do not support the 7 RIGHTS.

There are many metrics and key performance indicators used to achieve the 7 RIGHTS: OTIF (on-time and in-full), Forecast Accuracy, Customer Satisfaction, Out of Stock, Back Order, Revenue, Attainment, Share, Velocity, Return, Write-off, and the list goes on-and-on. At the end of the day keeping the 7 RIGHTS front and center and aligning metrics to support the 7 RIGHTS is paramount.

It’s less important to define the VUCA environment and much more important to communicate and define the actions you are taking to avoid impacts to the 7 RIGHTS.

Discussion Questions:

In what way(s) are you working in a VUCA (volatile/uncertain/complex/ambiguous) environment?

How are you communicating and defining actions to mitigate impacts to the 7 RIGHTS?

Is there an 8th RIGHT that I missed?



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