How the new Facebook Reactions may affect your brand — PROs and CONs

Most probably you`ve already heard about the new globally launched facebook feature that makes the good old like button more “interactive” and “expressive”….which of course is great!
And if you still don`t know much about it check what WIRED, Mashable, Reuters and The Guardian already wrote on the topic.

But how that may affect your brand page?


  1. Whole world of new content opportunities

Your Social Media team can jump on this new feature and bring your page to the top or….get you very disappointed when you see the next month report.

I can`t wait to see all clever copies that will provoke action and even more interaction from users side. But also here the fight shifts from : Make them interact to Make them interact with love and positive reactions. And its a lot harder to make people love you than like you.


2. Bringing back the youth?

We know that recent reports and statistics are showing that the youngsters start to avoid Facebook for far more engaging on a personal level apps such as snapchat, vine and kik, but also we know that BuzzFeed is officially announced for the number one most innovative company in the world by Fast Company and they have pretty similar approach to their content (#LOL) AND also they are totally owning the young crowd.

PRO for you : you can continue focusing ONLY on Facebook as social media for engagement of your target a bit longer.

3. MORE MORE MORE MORE engagement

It`s new. it`s interesting. It`s exciting. It`s a new topic for thousands of conversations. Where? In Facebook mainly of course. Keeping your users hooked up by mixing two very familiar and used all-the-time tools of communication (like + emojis) is genius.

PRO for you : your customers will be online and you wont need to bring them there. Just have to make sure they`ll see you. Which brings us to point 1.


  1. New News Feed Algorithm?

Since now everyone gained the opportunity to be even more precise in their interactions — does that mean that if your page gets angries instead of likes your content will be dismissed from their feeds? Quite possibly.

CON : You really should get creative with your Social Media team or you`re going down.

2. Fire-fighting?

So far if you have unsatisfied customer or angry user in the comments — you can reply with something cheesy, comforting or just nice, but what would you do if you just get angry faces? You`ll be like : “Hey guys, we love you, don`t do that! “ ….sounds ridiculous isn`t it?

CON : Look for the new editions of HOW TO DEAL WITH CYBER-BULLYING and FACING THE HATERS with a passive-aggressive twist.

3. Reports, charts, analysis

You`ll have a shake up in the next quarter till you and your agency or social media team redesign completely the way to measure the KPIs of your page because likes, comments and shares wont be enough.

CON : If you are adaptive and adequate there shouldn`t be an issue, but…. let`s face it : Corporate Structures are not the winners in the fast-adaption race.

That was my first fast review of the new REACTIONS. Hope it was interesting for you and i`ll be more than happy to hear your predictions as comments :)

Thank you for reading!

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