Enlighten Us…Concisely

We’re ready to grow, but we need you. Here are some loose guidelines and clear compensation structure for Dig3st submissions.

When starting this experimental pub, one of the fundamental convictions I had is that everyone has a truly unique and valuable insight to share. These are the insights that make up what I believe to be one of the strongest arms of truth: the wisdom of the crowds. And in a world where 90% of the world’s data has been generated over the last 2 years, the ability to substantiate these insights with hard numbers is unparalleled, making the wisdom of the crowds that much sharper.

One Byt3 at a Time…

Accordingly, Dig3st is actively looking for contributors of “byt3s,” which can be read in 3 minutes or less and includes at least one element of data visualization (infographics OK) in any of the categories listed on the Dig3st navigation menu. To clear up the air about the “data viz” requirement, it does not need to be super fancy and even Excel will work. Striking a balance between complexity and clarity is the ideal but erring on the side of clarity is preferred for the layman in us all. As for the written portion, this can take the form of an argument, opinion, or even simple context that somehow connects to the data viz being shown. New byt3s will be published on Dig3st on Thursday evenings at approximately 9 PM. All approved submissions will additionally be posted on our Twitter page.


In order to recognize quality work, approved submissions that receive at least 500 reads in a seven day period will be compensated according to the following pay structure:

Byt3 payout = Read ratio x claps x $0.25

So for example if you submit a byt3 that gets approved and it receives 1000 claps with a 50% read ratio, you will be compensated $125. The read ratio and claps will be calculated seven days after the publishing date. Any efforts to promote your work through various channels are welcome and highly encouraged.

Early-Stage Bonus: Being a newborn pub, an additional $250 will be paid to those authors who have four approved byt3s in a month’s period.

Payment can be made with fiat or cryptocurrency.

If you are interested, submit a byt3 or concept to info@dig3st.com and we will promptly get back to you about next steps.

Please contact us should you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or just looking to chat. 🙃

*By submitting a byt3, you are verifying that the work submitted is your own and that you have the rights to publish any and all content in accordance with the intellectual property and data privacy regulations of your origin. You are also ensuring that any data presented is from credible sources and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

**Maximum byt3 payout before early-stage bonus is $750.