Pruitt’s Plundering: EPA Budget Cuts by the Numbers

Scott Pruitt represents the antithesis of what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was designed to do. It doesn’t take much more than a quick Google search to discover this. When Pruitt is not buying fancy pens or fetching Trump’s old mattresses, his sole purpose is to obstruct the very agency he was appointed to govern. It’s no secret that Pruitt is a climate change skeptic and has little to zero interest in prioritizing the concerns of our common roof, aka the planet. Despite his stance, his strategic plan outlined through 2022 contains three obscure goals that can potentially mislead the public into thinking he wants to help the environment. But money talks and nowhere is that more apparent than the 22% budget cuts planned for 2019. The sankey diagram below shows exactly where funding will be cut through the vantage point of Pruitt’s “goals”:

EPA Budget Cuts

Notable are cuts from Goal 1: Core Mission, where “providing clean & safe water” is going to be somehow simpler to do with $774M less funding. Prioritizing robust science in Goal 3 is being slashed by almost 50% for a total reduction of $223M. While financing alone is not always the best solution for environmental concerns, as evidenced by the infamous Solyndra incident during the Obama administration, budget cuts that are further coupled by staunch EPA abolitionists found in the Trump administration can lead to some disastrous results.