ADDIng to Our Future — Challenge Accepted!

Since my move to the Los Angeles area, one of my personal goals for the American Digital Diversity Initiative (ADDI) was to support specific events that would assist and support digital inclusion efforts throughout the country.

Upon hearing that my alma mater, the University of Massachusetts — Lowell, would be hosting a hackathon in the surrounding county where I have spent a majority of my life, I knew ADDI had to support this awesome effort.

Therefore, this coming November 16th & 17th, ADDI is excited to announce that it will be one of the sponsors of the Hack Haverhill, which will be hosted at the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub in downtown Haverhill, Massachusetts.

The goal behind the Hack Haverhill is to create a platform where schools, non-profits, and other agencies can effectively communicate, collaborate, and complement each other as they share the same goals and serve the same demographics.

Hack Haverhill is an opportunity to pave the way for people interested in the digital ecosystem within the community. ADDI is looking forward to witness the success of Hack Haverhill but we more importantly look forward in supporting the endless possibilities that will stem from this innovative event.

For those looking to participate in Hack Haverhill, please accept the challenge and register.

For more information please visit the Hack Haverhill website or email