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2 min readFeb 25, 2019


Santa Fe High School — Santa Fe Springs, CA

The K-12 academic school year is just a little bit past the halfway point, and for a majority of high school seniors, an additional item has been added to their “To-Do” list. The college admission process is a juggling act where students must balance the admission process along with academics and extracurricular activities. This time of the year can be stressful and hard to manage for many.

High School Students are Considering Questions Such As: Where do I want to enroll? How much and how can I afford school? What do I want to major in? All these questions and many more linger in the minds of these high school students during their last year of high school.

This past weekend The American Digital Diversity Initiative partnered with Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc., a Latino-based organization from UC Santa Barbara, to host students from Santa Fe High School in an outreach program. The goal of the outreach program was to assist in answering several of these transitional questions but it was an opportunity to shed light to the AP Computer Science students that participated in the day-long event about how their possible academic endeavors would look like if they were to major in Computer Science.

The day was packed with many workshops that stemmed from a financial aid assistance, tech career talk, and an open forum where students were able to ask the brothers about their college experience. Lunch was provided along with a tour of the university, which for most was their first college visit. The day ended with a twist as we provided a coding challenge for the students to accomplish. It was an opportunity for the students to see one of the computer labs the university provided, in addition, it also helps with prepping them with their later exams in the year.

Overall the event with Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc. was a success. These opportunities to bring awareness and provide resources for underrepresented students continues to be at the forefront. ADDI is continuing to solidify more partnerships as we aim to increase the numbers of enrollment into AP Computer Science and college admissions.

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