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Photo: Vollut’s work is funky, fun and colorful, very colorful!

Vollut describes himself as a “multidisciplinary digital artist who builds little stories trapped into perfect video loops”, or a “neo-pop artist who can’t draw an owl”. “I specialize”, he says, “in bright and colorful visuals that trigger endorphins” and there’s no disputing the pleasure his work triggers.

In fact, Vollut (real name Lenar Singatullov) is an award-winning Art Director and Motion Designer, responsible for some of the most downright funky, original and vivid 3D animations on Instagram.

In many instances Vollut brings to life computer-generated characters grooving to music, created using the Cinema 4D PC package. Vollut already made looping feel-good animations that perfectly complement the music of Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Ed Sheeran.

“I specialize in bright and colorful visuals that trigger endorphins”

Vollut started creating digital art when he was just fourteen years old. As his creations began going viral, publications like HotNewHipHop and Rolling Stone started taking an interest and soon he found himself working with major brands like Nike.

Vollut leaves some space for his own experimentation. “I love to take some time off between commercial work to create something new”, he says. “It takes much more time than usual but it’s rewarding as we grow qualitatively.” Recently he took time out to work up an animation of bees bursting from a sunflower, set to the mellow piano strains of musician Ibi.

Beyond the bright saturated colors, Vollut has also worked on darker themes, like the claustrophobic and oily music animation he worked on for “остин” (Austin). This short animated story, accompanied by a song by Zemfira, was the overall winner of the Berlin Music Video Awards.

“It was an uncommonly complex and interesting project”, says Vollut. It’s a powerful reflection of the main character’s tortured mindset, presenting dream-like sequences and using the animation to demonstrate how extreme that perspective has become. Inner demons shared. Watch it here.

Vollut has been working remotely with worldwide brands including Apple, Microsoft, BMW, Meta, Snapchat and Adidas over the last ten years. He worked on emojis for Microsoft. “Turns out I love emojis”, he says.

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