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DigiCol NFT Community Artist — Raretempter

The talented self-taught Ukrainian artist will prosper on DigiCol

Contrary to many artists out there, Nadia has never attended any art school or courses. The self-taught artist was raised and lived most of her life in a small town of Ukraine named Nikopol, where she got most of her creative inspirations from.

“Drawing has always been my little escape. I simply dive in and draw for hours and hours and forget about all the problems and people in life. I was always fascinated by the beautiful illustrations by professional artists, so I kept modeling and copy their styles in my notebook. Until one day I realize I am slowly developing my own style, I decided to take it seriously.”

The 18-year-old artist has a lot of potential. Her unique style is developed by studying many different topics and styles in art and her intuition in music, which brings her a lot of creativity through her stage performances.

“I’m still working very hard on tuning my drawing skills and styles. Often I burn out trying to develop something unique without patience. But I never have the slightest thought of giving up, I just love drawing.”

Her NFT collection for sale on Digicol: https://www.digicol.io/#user/0x94c958612d26fd76f72a89feabf6fa99269c728c

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raretempter/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/raretempter3



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