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DigiCol x Vulpes NFT Whitelisting

Exclusive to DGCL holders

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Vulpes, the highly anticipated NFT collection of the ancient Japanese spirit. Read on and find out how to secure a whitelist spot for their NFTs, limited 10 spots for DGCL holders!

What is Vulpes?

No, they are no ordinary foxes, but true foxes such as magical kitsunes in the Japanese folklore.

Vulpes is more than an NFT collection. The artwork is merely a manifestation of the idea. We’re all annoyed by one-off NFT art projects, which holders can barely benefit from. Inspired by kitsunes, the wise and faithful guardians with magical power, Vulpes aims to build a system to reward holders and also help those who are starting their own NFT projects.

What is unique about Vulpes?

Vuples come with 2 collections, Public and Genesis.

Public collection contains 5,000 unique artwork. Genesis collection contains 50 unique artwork which can be fully customized.

All artwork is rendered MANUALLY with quality.

Vuples also has a royalty distribution system to make sure all holders are rewarded by the trades.

To support their community, Vuples also act as an incubator to help members build their own NFT projects.

How to get a whitelist spot for Vulpes?

10 whitelist posts are open to DGCL holders:

  1. Hold >1,000 DGCL
  2. Follow their Twitter: https://twitter.com/vulpesnft
  3. Join their Discord: https://discord.gg/vulpesnft
  4. Verify with “collabland” channel on Discord and raffle at “digicol-collab” channel

How to get the Genesis collection?

Vulpes is a community consists of roles. To get the rarer NFTs or even get access to other NFT collections of their partners, you will have to contribute more to the community. Learn more in the FAQs section on their Discord.



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