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Figurative Expressionist Grigorii Pavlychev Will Flourish on DigiCol

Amazed at the magic of NFT art, the contemporary Russian artist will ignite his artistic flame via DigiCol.

Who is Grigorii Pavlychev?

Graduated from a prestigious art school, Grigorii Pavlychev is a contemporary Russian artist combining the expressionist and the figurative. His portraits of human body explore the boundaries of both styles and evolve into a form that intertwines the two elements, creating one that displays a sense of balance between planes and surfaces, an arrangement of bright colors and an illusionist depth of lyrical abstractions.

Each of his NFT on DigiCol comes with the right to reserve physical delivery of the original work via EMS/UPS/DHL courier service. Feel free to email him to unlock the magic!

Grigorii in his art studio

At first glance many of his paintings look complicated, like the visual equivalent of noise. When we focus on those disparate elements, the compositions can seem disjointed at times, and inharmonious. But when considered from a wider viewpoint, not as final visual statements but as triggers for a deeper aesthetic response, a sense of harmony in his paintings emerges.

Grigorii pursued his studies in art at the St. Petersburg State University. During the 6-year university life, he experimented with various forms of art disciplines, such as painting, academic drawing, composition, sculpture, anatomy, print making, etc. under the daily supervision of famous Russian artists. Having free reign to experiment instilled in Grigorii the importance of insecurity in his art. There is an inherent excitement in not knowing how something is going to turn out. There is a living force that drives him as an artist towards manifesting the unknown, or the unimagined. This is how he found his voice as a figurative expressionist.

Grigorii is painting

Figurative and expressionist arts might be confusing with the myriad layers and styles. The way to appreciate them is to step back and look at them as the revelation of a process, and let them trigger an emotion, or a thought.

Yearned to inspire a visceral attraction to the inherent beauty of figurative and expressionist arts, Grigorii has rapidly picked up recognition locally and internationally. He held a solo exhibition at Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, granted the full membership of Russian Union of Artists, made an American debut in Lanoue Gallery, participated Glo’Art residence for artists in Belgium and attracted more than 130 collectors throughout the six continents. Above all, six of his paintings are in the collection of National Bank of Bahrain. Brilliant, right?

Grigorii with his artworks

The figurative and expressionist imagery, colors, markings, or the physical remnants of our culture together add up to a feeling, one that is mostly up to us. The painting is not the end of the story. If it were, it would indeed be confusing. But it is only the beginning.

Words from DigiCol

After the platform BETA launch, we at DigiCol are glad that both front end and back end have been functioning seamlessly smooth, and some of the artists have gained popularity and made substantial NFT sales. We have recently released a renewed roadmap for the upcoming quarters, unfolding the features and solutions which will help DigiCol reach a wider global audience.

We are happy to welcome Grigorii and can’t wait to see his artworks meeting the crypto NFTs world through DigiCol!

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