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How to Get Verified on DigiCol

Here is a quick guide to the updated process of getting verified on DigiCol.

Fill out this form to start the verification process and get some top tips below on getting everything right.

What is Verification?

Starting today, creators and collectors that demonstrate enough proof of authenticity and active dedication to the marketplace are awarded verified badges. It boosts your credibility and helps you stand out from the wider community.

We are looking at numerous factors such as active social media presence, follower number, networking with community members, number of minted and sold items, etc. If you match all the criteria, you’ll get the badge!

How to Get Verified

  1. A completed profile on DigiCol
    User pic + cover + custom link
  2. Links to at least 2 social media profiles
    We are seeking an active social media presence with a rich activity such as sharing your artworks and participating in the community. Large followers base is a bonus but they must be organic!
  3. Work under way
    If you’re a creator, let us have a glance of the work process on one of the minted items. If you’re a collector and it’s not applicable, we will take a look at the items you previously purchased.
  4. Share your story
    Tell us a little more about yourself. Why are you here on DigiCol? What is your idea of art? What are your beliefs?

We might reach out to you if any further clarification is needed.

Why no badge?

If you’re not verified within a week since submitting your request, the reasons are most likely:

  • Lack of information (please make sure you submit all the required info!)
  • Inactive DigiCol account (we need you to involve more in the community!)

The DigiCol team reserves the final right not to reward the verified badges without further explanation, since we receive hundreds of daily requests.

Don’t get upset though! The verified badge is not everything on DigiCol. Complete your profiles, conduct more sales or purchases, and try out the second time!

All the best!



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