DigiFinex Co-Founder Kiana Shek Is Speaking at World Blockchain Summit (WBS), Dubai

Oct 3, 2019 · 2 min read

Being a strong leader in embracing and developing the latest technologies, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) also provides a nurturing environment for cryptocurrency acceptance in the region, and launches a strategy that aims for 50% of all government transactions to occur through blockchain by 2021.

The theme of this year’s World Blockchain Summit in Dubai is:

Blockchain For Business And Governments In The Middle East

“World Blockchain Summit, Dubai 2019 will aim to support Dubai’s vision to be the first city fully powered by Blockchain by 2020. With currently more than 20 blockchain projects in the pipeline in identity, visa processing, land registry, and health care records, among others, Smart Dubai government is facilitating a citywide digital transformation through three strategic pillars of development such as Government efficiency, Industry creation and international leadership.

In consideration of these three pillars, this year’s edition of World Blockchain Summit Dubai will aim to facilitate more enterprise-driven solutions, international use cases and a vehement involvement of government representatives to provide solutions to stakeholders.

Guest of Honor, Mohamed Al Banna, CEO & Managing Director of LEAD Ventures, The Office of Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Qasimi

The summit will also play host to Crypto Rally, a marketing and networking platform for companies, entrepreneurs, innovators and investors within the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence space. For the first time, Trescon will bring Crypto Rally to Dubai to connect and combine the world’s most influential entrepreneurs and innovators from the blockchain community in the most flamboyant fashion.”

At the previous World Blockchain Summit in Singapore, DigiFinex co-founder Kiana Shek shared her observation and insights with the audience on “3 Signs That Cryptocurrency Bull Market Is Here.

Kiana speaks at WBS Singapore on 25 July, 2019.

Join us in Dubai to forge business partnerships and further explore the huge opportunities in global crypto economy together!

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