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NEXXO Price Surged 510% After Its First Global Listing On DigiFinex

NEXXO is listed on DigiFinex at 11:00am (GMT+8) 10 July as its first global launch, and opened NEXXO/ETH trading pair. The opening trade price of NEXXO was 1 NEXXO = 0.00000329 ETH. With the support from NEXXO and DigiFinex community, its trading pair has peaked at 1 NEXXO = 0.00001703ETH at press time, with a 517% surge.

What is NEXXO?

NEXXO is the world’s first global blockchain-powered small business banking.

By providing financial and payment solutions to small businesses; ranging from corporate cards to point-of-sale systems. These solutions help grow small businesses’ operations, lower their costs and manage their surrounding ecosystem.

A pain point that small businesses face- large commercial banks do not serve them. Why?

According to a study conducted in 2016 by the World Bank, large commercial banks say ‘No’ and decline working with small businesses for the following main reasons:

Currently there are more than 260 million small businesses worldwide.

Most of them are under-banked and under-served. Out of 195 countries worldwide, some of the top 50 most populous countries contribute to more than 209 million small businesses.

A tremendous worldwide demand creates the opportunity to offer financial services to under-served small businesses.

The NEXXO Point Of Sale (POS) solution brings the sophistication of the blockchain into a simplistic application to the small business owner.

Think of it as “blockchain in a box”. It supports smart apps, and smart contracts, and is one of the first POS solutions that is both Android enabled as well as PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DSS (Data Security Standard) certified.

This is because the Android operating system platform is based on open source, and POS debit or credit card transactions are highly secured and encrypted by the international providers, such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express…etc.

The NEXXO Smart-Android POS device is certified to accept:
✔️All VISA card transactions: debit or credit card, contact-less or QR codes.
✔️All MasterCard card transactions: debit or credit card, contact-less or QR codes.
✔️All American Express card transactions: debit or credit card, contact-less or QR codes.
✔️(coming soon) AliPay, Wechat, PayTM… and other new alternative payment methods.

What are the advantages of NEXXO compared to the other blockchain payment solutions?

Two words- user adoption.

NEXXO has achieved exponential growth in small markets in the Middle East such as Qatar (2.5 Million population), or UAE (8.0 Million population). And they plan to expand into new markets such as Pakistan (population: 200 Million), India (population 1.3 Billion), Africa, Asia and the Americas (target population of at least 1.5 Billion population).

The NEXXO utility token

NEXXO is issuing an ERC20 token to reward enablers that help grow the NEXXO network as well as offer liquidity to traders and speculators that trade the NEXXO token on various crypto exchanges.

The NEXXO token has three main objectives:
❶ To reward “enablers”, where enablers are commissioned and trained parties that promote, market, and sell NEXXO solutions into their local small business communities. NEXXO will then invoice customers introduced by enablers and pay them a portion of the fees collected from the small business customers.
❷ To offer liquidity and gains to NEXXO token traders and speculators; that trade the NEXXO token on various crypto exchanges.
❸ To offer various utility services such as coupons and discounts, to NEXXO token holders.

The unique NEXXO token buyback program

One of the most robust ingredients of the NEXXO Token economics (tokenomics) is that NEXXO is committed daily, weekly, monthly, yearly to buying back large chunks of its tokens in order to compensate its network of enablers. Given a limited number of tokens, NEXXO’s committed buy-back model places a tremendous demand-side pressure on the NEXXO Token supply-demand curve.

✦NEXXO receives millions monthly in fresh fiat cash revenues paid by its small business customers, paid as service fees.
✦NEXXO pays a portion (25%-50%) of its revenues to its enablers as commission. Such commission is be paid monthly to enablers, in the form of NEXXO tokens.
✦The number of NEXXO tokens is fixed and limited (100,000,000,000 in total); there will be no new issuance or mining of new tokens. The number of tokens is set from day-one.
✦The NEXXO token is ERC20 compliant, thus it can be purchased and sold at any public exchange that supports ERC20 tokens.
Given the limited number of NEXXO tokens, the only option available to NEXXO to pay enablers is to buy back tokens from public exchanges.

To buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin(BTC) or Ethereum(ETH) directly with your VISA or MasterCard, visit DigiFinex here.

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