Dear Digipay Network supporters,

Due to the current cryptocurrency market conditions as well as the lack of interest in the project’s potential, we’ve decided to stop our token sale and ICO.

It was a difficult decision by our team, but we believe that it is necessary to do this. The main purpose of our token sale is to distribute our tokens to the customers who will participate in our cryptocurrency payment gateway in coming months. Therefore, this does not mean that we have failed to develop the project, we will keep developing the project in the right way for a long-term.

For airdrop participants, we greatly appreciate all your support to the growth of our community — follow us on Telegram/Twitter/Medium, retweet our tweets, post on our Bitcointalk thread… Your enthusiasm means a lot to us.

Airdrop tokens will be distributed to your wallets once we launch the alpha version or as soon as our token is listed on exchanges. Stay tuned to get updates about our product release and the airdrop token distribution.

Once again, we’d like to send big thanks to all who have participated and supported in developing the project.

Digipay Network Team

November 29th, 2018