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Private Search Engines That Don’t Track You

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is unique because, while you can use it as an search engine, it is a more complete search tool. If you prefer to use Google as a landing page but you prefer a more secure search engine, you can do so with Search Encrypt. Just install the extension, and it automatically avoids any searches that could track you. It redirects searches to its own results page that is completely secure so your search stays private.

Search Encrypt has seen major increases in its traffic numbers in the past year, joining the same trend as other private search engine, DuckDuckGo.

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DuckDuckGo is certainly the most well-known private search engine. It never tracks your searches while providing you an enhanced search experience. It’s purposely built for people who prefer to remain private, and delivers instant results without tailored ads on the search pages. This search engine serves 10M+ searches a day.


WolframAlpha is a computable search engine that provides accurate answers and offers open knowledge. It’s a knowledge-packed private search engine which nonetheless does not track what you search for.

This private search engine performs dynamic, algorithmic calculations and delivers expert knowledge about people, calculations, health & medicines, money & finance, music & movies and much more.


Startpage works powerfully to provide search results while protecting your searches and avoiding tracking your steps. It offers browsing through a proxy server to help protect you from websites tracking your IP address or location. You can add it to your browser, on Chrome or Firefox, and even change its color theme.


It’s not much to look at but Privatelee enables secure searches and strict filters if you need it. This search engine doesn’t keeps your search keywords to be used for ads or surveillance. Privatelee offers ‘PowerSearch‘ commands that lets you configure the search source and more. It is also known by an alternative name Qrobe.it.


With Yippy, you can manually filter the results category-wise and flag any inappropriate result. Unlike some engines, Yippy allows searching of many types of content including web, images, news, jobs, blogs, government data, etc.

Yippy also lets you view cached pages (like Google) and filter results by tag clouds, sources, websites. It does not track your search queries and doesn’t show customized ads.


Swisscows is a private search solution that delivers instant searches while not tracking your search or location history. Itprovides intelligent information yet never analyses or stores its visitors’ information.

Your searches are all encrypted for security against middleman attacks and data leaks. Among this search engine’s options: choosing a region for most relevant search results and even lets you ‘clear your activity‘ to avoid leaving any trace overall.


Gibiru offers fully uncensored yet encrypted search engine to prevent data leaks to any third parties. Gibiru works faster than most private search engines because it uses ‘Google Custom Search‘ to provide its service. It does however remove all tracking methods used by Google.

It also offers a free Firefox/Chrome search bar to help you make anonymous searches right from your browser.

Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search uses content search assistance from major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo but never tracks your online searches or activities or IP address. Disconnect Search lets you surf by location so that you can get location specific relevant results based on the location of your choice. It clearly informs about the tools that which are protected and unprotected, letting you choose which to use.


Lukol uses a proxy server to deliver customized search results from Google using its enhanced custom search yet conserves your privacy by removing traceable entities. Lukol is considered as one of the best private search engines that protects from online fraudsters and keeps the spammers away by safeguarding you from misleading or inappropriate sites. It ensures full anonymity of your searches.


MetaGer lets you make confidential untraceable searches that leave no footprints. It also integrates a proxy server so that you can open any link anonymously from the search result pages and yet keep your IP address hidden from the destination server. It also never tracks your keywords.

This prohibits third parties or advertisers to target you for ads or any of malicious attacks. Its default language is in German.


Gigablast indexes billions of web pages and provides real time info without tracking your online searches or browsing history. It is considered as one of the best private search engines that keeps you almost entirely hidden to marketers and spammers.

Gigablast offers searching with certain customizations and optional parameters like searching by exact phrase, languages, terms, filetypes and many more.


Oscobo is an anonymous search engine that doesn’t allow tracking of any type. This search engine does not store or track data from its users.

Like a few of the private search engines here, it lets you search for information, images, videos, news, etc. It also offers a Chrome extension for making searches.

What Is a Private Search Engine?

There are many types of private search engines. Essentially, a private search engine is a search engine that doesn’t track its users, and delivers search results with added layers of protection. Search Encrypt is unique because it uses local encryption for an added layer of privacy protection. Your search terms are transmitted to our servers in encrypted form, where they are decrypted and sent through our private search engine. Your search terms are not linked with any user identifiable information and we don’t store that information on our servers.

The Value of Private Search Tools

Google sells its search product as providing a “personalized” browsing experience. However, this personal touch means that it serves you ads based on your search and browsing behavior. By using cookies, Google can track you as you browse the internet. It uses this information to create a complex profile that it sells to advertisers. Search Encrypt, on the other hand, implements “privacy by design.” This means we made user privacy a priority from start to finish in the design process.

We’ve discussed the importance of digital privacy before and how you can protect your privacy and personal data. Your search engine is a quick and effective way to protect your information on the internet.

Why Use A Private Search Engine Like Search Encrypt?


Even if you regularly use private browsing settings, like Chrome’s Incognito Mode or Safari’s Private Browsing Mode, you’re only protecting your search history locally. If you are using a major search engine, it is probably still tracking your behavior. These “private” modes don’t deliver the privacy that users expect, so they are essentially deceiving users.

Private search engines won’t store your information and sell it to third parties. These third parties use your information to target you with ads, and could even use your data against you later on. We protect you from any government or business organization that may attempt to gather information on your internet behavior.



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