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MOSAICO Data analysis enabled Gaser maintenance Team to focus on a recurring alarm

Using data analysis engines, it is possible to identify specific problems that have the greatest impact on the plant, allowing the maintenance team to focus on a specific problem

What did our team find?

reported to our customer , a recurring problem at a

What was the trigger for this analysis?

provides a ranking of the maintenance-related alerts that have the greatest impact on the plant.
Our the Industrial Digital Operator can in this way, identify the most recurrent alarms and report them to the maintenance Team

Recurring problem reported in alarm HITs.

What was the value to the customer?

Following a report from #iDO Industrial Digital Operator, the maintenance TEAM identified a problem on the handling control device and replaced it.

Problem solved!

Since this intervention, the problem has stopped appearing, avoiding plant downtime and increasing production efficiency.

Through our analysis engines we can identify and report the most recurring problems to the customer who can intervene by focusing on a single problem at a time..” — Luca Signorelli DIGITA Data Scientist

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