MOSAICO iDO Analytical Skills

#iDO AERO optimizes AIR BLOWERS efficiency and minimize their electric consumption.

Energy saved today is asset for future.”

Feb 16, 2021 · 4 min read

“#iDO Industrial Digital Operator Analytical Skills are a set of Digital Competences that are required to build knowledge, effectively and efficiently”

AERO Challange

Improvement in air blower’s reliability and electrical consumption by: Optimizing blowers͛ operating conditions, increasing their lifespan, recognizing in advance sign of failures of the blowers, suggesting predictive fine — tuning to minimize electric consumption.

Usage of air blowers could face discrepancies between the theoretical and real amount of air, with consequent lack of oxygen required for the process. This lack of air expressed as wasted kWh means loss of money.

Production process need a tool in the hands of the plant operators to help them to prevent this phenomena, automatically receiving information without looking for them and quickly guide him to speed up the activities and predict anomalies in blowers functioning.

The Solution

The development and implementation of AERO, a skill embedded in #iDO MOSAICO industrial digital operator analytical competences, leverage the power of cloud storage and computing, connecting together industrial plants spread worldwide.

Through #iDO AERO the information coming from the plants are continuously collected, monitored and instantaneously analyzed. AERO helps process air supply optimization, minimizing electrical consumption, noise and efficiency.

In particular, it manages in real-time the process air supplied with positive displacement blowers, taking automated decisions on blower selection and speed settings according to the process requirement, plant conditions, environmental limits and historical data series on performance and maintenance.

Monitoring the power usage of electric motors reduce a plants overall operational cost by providing sufficient information, also allowing qualified technicians to repair or replace the proper electric motors, beyond to suggest to operators the optimal set of process parameters, calculated with advanced algorithms based on large volume of data collected from minds and
machines in a dedicated database.

AERO Workflow

AERO interconnect — into the cloud — air blowers, which supply the process air production , and connect also the whole electric consumption information transmitted from equipment installed in the plant.

Thanks to tailor made algorithms, plant followers receives a notification, result of the database analysis through queries that involve all the plant connected to the cloud. This is the spark which sets off deeper studies in order to translate a brief notification in the practical problem in the plant.

In this way the plant followers is immediately directed straight to the point and act in advance, preventing failures or minimizing the money losses.

The algorithm elaborates a new of parameters to be set (manually or automatically) into the SCADA HMI. But problems is not always solvable by correcting the parameters. Sometimes maintenance operations are necessary, for example in case of transmission belt damage, dirty filters or high pressures.

In the while AERO continues to collect and analyze information: the customer will appreciate the efficiency improvements directly on Mi-REPORT thanks to daily, weekly and yearly report automatically delivered to people involved.


#iDO has performed several analytics, cross — matching the information collected by AERO™ and from the plant, in order to maximize the efficiency of the process air supply and its impact on the electric consumption.

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DIG:ITA is a digital & IIoT powerhouse delivering the most…


DIG:ITA is an digital & IIoT powerhouse delivering the most complete solution for risk-free digital transformations.


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DIG:ITA is a digital & IIoT powerhouse delivering the most complete solution for risk-free digital transformations.


DIG:ITA is an digital & IIoT powerhouse delivering the most complete solution for risk-free digital transformations.