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BRAVO!!! there hasn’t been a problem in the last 4 hours. Keep it up.

What has our team done?

Our X4COATING team taught our industrial digital operator iDO, to consider process alarms even when they are not generated at all by the system for a defined time.

Each event carries information that, in the specific case of alarms generated during a production process, indicates that something is not working as it should.

Let’s assume that we have a machine that produces ice cream and that it has run out of milk.

In this case the machine will send a message to the operator so that a corrective action is taken, in this specific case supplying milk to the machine.

If the operator does not supply the machine within a certain time, an alarm may be triggered, warning the person in charge of the production line to take action.

It is plausible that if the line manager does not receive this alarm within a certain time, you assume that everything is fine and there are no problems.

You can confirm this assumption by sending a message to the line manager if the alarm does not occur, providing the correct information and evaluating the conditions that support it.

Compared to our example we might think that there are at least two pieces of information that can be provided as useful messages:

  • Look, the system is having problems, or
  • Look, the system hasn’t been having problems for x hours!!!!!

defining a specific X time for our case that should be studied in order to provide useful and truthful information.

We could consider that, in some cases, the same event carries information even when it doesn’t happen.

The information could be sent with a specific text that reports the correct information, at different levels of the company hierarchy.

The same operator could be sent with a different form that could be:

“BRAVO!!! there hasn’t been a problem in the last 4 hours. Keep it up.”

What do you think this would produce in people?

We think that in an operator this message provokes an awareness that they are doing their job well and increase their motivation to do better considering that it is also received by their managers.

What was the trigger for this analysis?

We wanted to think that we could provide a different information that did not already exist on board the machine. In each automation system the information is communicated to the different levels of control according to type and priority and/or gravity.

In a system like ours in which our iDO Digital Operator aims, among others, to bring added value to the customer’s team, this type of information can help operators to have a more aware perception of what is being done, as well as to those responsible for monitoring production.

What has been the value for one of our customers?

In one of the last face to face meetings with the client, the client told us that, having received the communication that everything was going well, he went to sleep.

He also told us that the operators are doing even more to “not trigger the alarm” in order to get this motivational message that they know is also sent to their managers.

In short, everyone likes the “pat on the back” or at least almost everyone.

Luca Signorelli

Luca Signorelli Data Scientist of DIG:ITA & X4COATING said:

Thanks to these new iDO skills, the client will be able to know when production is running smoothly and their employees are working at their best! Futuristic!

Business for the Global Goals

This new approach to the information generated in industry and the information that can be drawn,.aims to improve everyone’s awareness of the work done by individuals and to increase mutual respect.

This is GOAL 8 of Global Goals 2030.




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