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Industrial Digital Outcomes

Mar 1, 2019 · 2 min read

Many sectors are faced with significant challenges: a technological and technical environment that is developing faster and faster and growing customer expectations regarding sustainability and digitization.

Anyone at the cutting edge who is using yesterday’s systems and processes to produce and intends to remain competitive will run into problems in the medium and long term — problems that a traditional business approach will not always be able to solve.

In the actual global scenario we are convinced that it is no more enough to be a provider of top level technical and technological solutions. Market is already driven from Companies that, all in all, will be able to be a source and advisor of INTELLIGENT PLANTS, a developer of ADVANCE ANALYTICS, and PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE, and a provider of the FUTURE of WORK: humans & digital workforces.

DIG:ITA drive individualized, precise and effective industry outcomes. As an independent global digital business, DIG:ITA have flexibility to pursue future growth opportunities, react quickly to changes in the industry and invest in innovation.

DIG:ITA bring together software solutions that include products like Digital Asset Performance Management, as well as the MOSAICO Solutions business units.

Mutuating what we already experienced in the variouse tecnolgical domains, combining succesfully of industrial and digital competences, we are confident that many industrial assets, could evolve to a new exponential business, merging the top level OEM technological provider with the power of the digital revolution.


DIG:ITA is a digital & IIoT powerhouse delivering the most…