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Digital Employees Powered by MOSAICO

Hire #iDO, AI.DA and U-MANO Industrial Digital Operators

The future of work is changing the face of industry as you know it

The future will be shaped by a profound transformation, driven by the meshing of the digital and the physical world, the emergence of new design and production techniques, and a seismic shift in the role that human beings play in the production process.

Mosaico Digital Operators

DIG:ITA created a digital workforce equipment with a set of Digital Competences, in the sense of the set of knowledge, skills, attitudes, abilities and strategies, that are required when we are using Information and Communications Technology and digital media

“Through DIG:ITA you can hire #iDO, #Ai.DA and #U-MANO Industrial Digital Operators to take on high-volume and repeatable tasks, so human employees can concentrate on higher-value jobs. Once you bring MOSAICO digital operators into your organization, you’re on a path to build a hybrid workforce, where digital and human workers collaborate for greater business value.” — Edoardo Cella DIG:ITA CDO

iDO presenting himself

iDO presenting himself

Discover MOSAICO workforce analytical skills

Discover MOSAICO information delivery competences

How to Hire Your Digital Operator ?

Browse the marketplace of Digital Operators to find the right skills for your company. You can test skills and customize the interface before making your selection.

ask for a site visit and complete assessment to prepare a the desk to Onboard your Digital Operator . You can authorize systems access, customize and configure your use case, and create a front-end interface for users. Once deployed in your company, a Digital Operator can quickly get to work, delivering rapid ROI and business impact.

#iDO It’s always with you — on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, — ready to help throughout your working day. With an enhanced interface iDO is more powerful than ever.
And the more you use iDO, the better it knows what you need at any moment.

Contact us: info@digita.work

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