An anomalous slow movement of the crane identified a maintenance problem at Gaser galvanic plant

Coupling specific alarms to maintenance team enables you to establish real-time data feeds to its analytics engines, which can then spew out warnings for trends that lead to equipment degradation or failure.

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2 min readAug 25, 2022

What did our Team find?

#iDO Industrial Digital Operator reported to our customer GASER, a recurring problem with the movement of a crane on the production line!

Recurring problem reported in alarm HITs.

What was the trigger for this analysis?

Within a basket of specific maintenance-related alerts #iDO Industrial Digital Operator identified the most recurrent ones and reported the most significant ones to the Maintenance Team.

What was the value to the customer?

Gaser’s Maintenance TEAM promptly attended and resolved the problem that was not making the bridge crane stop in its intended position.

The work of the MAINTENANCE TEAM focused on a specific recurring alarms reported by #iDO allowed a quick analysis and solution of the problem.

“Fast problem solving avoided further plant downtime and kept production efficiency at the top..” — Luca Signorelli DIGITA Data Scientist

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