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#iDO ABACO — Advanced Burning Analysis and Combustion Optimization

”How much fuel should I use? Just the bare essential.”

Mar 1, 2021 · 3 min read

MOSAICO digital workforce is equipment with a set of digital competences, in the sense of the set of knowledge, skills, attitudes, abilities and strategies, that are required when we are using Information and Communications Technology and digital media.

The challange

  • Increase industrial asset burning and combustion efficiency,
  • Save fuel by reducing the unburned quantities,
  • Reduce thermal losses from the system, Minimize environmental impact

The Solution

The development and implementation of ABACO, a skill embedded in #iDO MOSAICO industrial digital operator analytical competences, and information coming from an interconnected network of smart sensors, enable industrial assets to be monitored and analyzed in real-time. Process technicians can access the information directly from mobile devices, monitor asset performance, and optimize processes without the need to be present on site.

In combination with Mi-LIVE, the ABACOskill leverages advanced applications and algorithms that address specific aspects of the firing process allowing the Customers to operate plants at the performance peak.

ABACO workflow

ABACO completely manages the firing control system to allow smooth and regular fuel feeding and avoid undesirable behaviors that can cause excess fuel consumption and undesired risks to plant and product.


Starting from the assumption that every trace of CO content in waste gas fumes represent in principle a waste of unburnt fuel, ABACO optimizes the process parameters (i.e. the Excess of Air and the Heat Consumption) in order to achieve the optimum situation of fuel injection in respect of product quality and key parameters.

Managing the real‐time feedback of waste gases analysis, ABACO creates fuel injection profiles during the burning process that automatically adjusts the excess of air to avoid waste of unburnt fuel.

Daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports provide system evaluation of efficiency and costs.

The Results

#iDO Industrial Digital Operator, spreading Real-time operational information over plant followers, is increasing process awareness and reducing the time to take decisions.

In particular thanks to ABACO skill , the customer is now able to monitor and analyze combustion process and detect any thermal inefficiency.

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